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5 Tips for Maximizing Referrals from Pinterest

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The rise of Pinterest, a social photo pinboard, has been meteoric. Unique users has increased over 2,700% since May 2011 and the average user spends almost 16 minutes on the site, which is more time than the average user spends on Facebook and Twitter combined. The unique power of Pinterest lies in its ability to refer traffic to other websites. With recent reports stating that Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, many brands are starting to take note of the burgeoning social network. Here are 5 tips to maximize website referrals from your Pinterest account.

  1. Promote your Pinterest account using your other social media assets. Existing fans and followers are already engaged with your brand; these individuals can promote your account and help contribute more content to your boards.
  2. Embed the ‘Pin It’ button on your website. This feature allows Pinterest users quick access and also ensures that their pins link directly to your website and not to a third party site that may also contain images of your products.
  3. Create boards around specific themes. Users on Pinterest don’t have to follow your general account; they can choose to follow specific boards you create. You can expand your reach on Pinterest by creating boards on multiple topics. Additionally, make sure to take into account common keywords when writing descriptions on your pins and boards; this will increase the chances of your content being found on Pinterest’s search function.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ‘Re-pin’, ‘Like’ and comment on other users’ pins. Your brand should be an active participant in the Pinterest community – don’t be the brand that only spits out content and ignores engagement!
  5. Upload engaging content that users want to share and keep your descriptions to a minimum. Pinterest is a visual platform – sharing unappealing images will get you nowhere. One more function you should be aware of is the ability to tag a price in a pin. Simply include the price of an item in the description (for example, $25.99) and Pinterest will automatically include it in the Gifts section of their top navigation bar!