A Rose by Any Other Name: Romance and Social Media

Courtesy of Stuart Miles

It seems like these days like celebs are in and out of the spotlight.  Whether it’s finding out that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced through blogs or Twitter, it’s pretty hard not to stay connected.  How real are these relationships though?  As celebrities increasingly are updating their Facebook profile, or Twitter tweets, so are the average users of the internet.

Now, I tend not to follow the celebrities on Twitter or “like” their Facebook pages, because I don’t care all too much.  But seeing as how their relationships are in the public eye on television and online, it seems as though people are following suit.  Whether it’s tweeting your boyfriend on Twitter an inside joke, or updating Facebook from “single” to “in a relationship”, it seems as though people are turning to social media to make their love life public.

With this comes a whole new way to connect.  People in relationships are long past the days where time apart meant days, weeks, even months without communication.  Now with the various forms of social media available today, people in relationships look towards the internet when connecting with their significant other. Forget the roses or funny gifts; like a status or send a tweet!

While I have always been an advocate that relationships are better in person it seems that the times have changed.  When first getting to know someone you can open up a Facebook chat or text them a message.  Yes there is a wall of separation, a loss of facial expression and in many times personal contact, but at the same time people are sometime more comfortable at opening up and talking.

Successfully connecting with the “special one” online can sometimes open up a whole new world to your relationship.  If you’re comfortable talking online, chances are if you’re away from each other, you can make the distance work.  It allows for communication even when life gets in the way.  These days everyone is busy, so even just a quick message lets someone know you’re thinking of them.

While I can see the value of social media in relationships, a personal relationship is always the best thing.  Social media should enhance a relationship, not be the only thing about it.  If there is a healthy balance of both, well then, you’re golden.

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