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Facebook PR: A Cost Effective Social Media Marketing Tool


Marketing and advertising can be a costly expense that positively encourages consumers to take
interest in the products or services offered by your company. But how can a business take advantage
of the power of marketing while avoiding the cost of such a service? While marketing is important, the
written word can be a powerful tool to beef up your company’s image. With the growth of social media
marketing, marketing and advertising can utilize sites like Facebook to further their business.

Public relations, or PR, can serve as a valuable addition to a company’s marketing strategy. PR is
marketing without the exuberant cost. Although not as strong as marketing or advertising, PR can serve
as a fundamental tool to your company’s marketing campaign.

Taking advantage of Facebook PR can attract a variety of consumers and give a company real time
exposure to their customer base. Consumers that can interact with a company directly, offer feedback
which your business can use to accurately market itself. Unique social media marketing strategies are
valuable marketing tools for top-notch PR and your company’s success.