A Sneak Peek Into The New Design Behind Apple iOS 7

This fall, Apple will be releasing the new iPhone software, iOS 7, which will enable users do so many things. Online marketing companies all over the world are already buzzing about this new software, praising the new format. The new operating system could be defined by one word: clear.

It’s a clear, new structure for Apple users to identify with. The objective of the new format is to expand the levels of design while still staying familiar to current users. Apple has also redefined many of the apps and features on the iPhone too, making everything as seamless as possible. Having said that, here are the top 5 features of the new iOS 7.

5.) New Air Drop Feature: Apple has introduced a new feature, which is believed to battle Samsung’s “touch-to-share” feature. Air Drop enables users to search contacts close to their current location and share things directly to them. It is sorted by who is the closest and it doesn’t limit you to people you are friends with. If you meet someone and want to share something instantly, simply turn on your Air Drop and share immediately (without touching phones).

4.) Safari’s Makeover: Safari has undergone some significant changes that will make the Internet experience much smoother. Safari will now have full page browsing on all pages. The tab view page will also be presented in a much smoother style, enabling users to see all open tabs in one area, rather than toggle from tab to tab.

3.) Apps: Apple will monitor each app for you. This means that Apple will understand what apps you frequent the most and will automatically keep those apps updated. All of your favorite apps will always be ready to go. iOS 7 will also feature a new app-to-app jump screen, which makes it easier to multitask between apps.

2.) Camera/Photo Album: The new camera settings allow for the photographer to enhance the photo before it is even taken. While framing the shot, users will be able to add filters, effects, and toggle different sizes or styles. Your iPhone will also now categorize your photos based on the time they were taken. The photos will be put into moments rather than albums. This makes sharing select photos from select times much easier for users.

1.) Wallpaper Themes: This is probably the simplest addition to iOS, yet it is by far the coolest. When you change your wallpaper, the phone will recognize the color pallet of the wallpaper and sync every screen on the phone to the same color theme.  This makes every page on the phone have a harmonious relationship with the wallpaper selection, basically giving each phone a custom theme.

Apple will be launching some really cool features and it should be interesting to see how it plays out once people get their hands on iOS 7. Let me know what you think of the new features of the phone by commenting below.

Reel Time Podcast Episode #007

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