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Teaching Social Media Marketing in Schools

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Like many others in the social media marketing world, we did not learn what we know through school. Everything I learned was from personal use and my internships. When I was in high school and college, social media marketing was not yet being taught in schools. Heck, Facebook only became popular during my junior and senior years of high school. The person who introduced me to YouTube? My high school trigonometry teacher.

The semester after I graduated college, I found out through one of my marketing professors that my university had finally started to offer a dedicated social media marketing class. Before that the social media was touched upon tangentially in classes, but imagine how outdated a two year-old textbook (which, for many other subjects, is considered up-to-date) would be on the subject matter. How would this challenge the job market?

This new generation of students who are still in high school and college are able to learn about social media in classrooms. For the first time, most of the incoming social media interns that will be working at my company (over the summer semester) will have had social media classroom experience. Previously, we selected interns who were tech savvy social media users and had strong communication and writing skills. I still think these qualities trump any social media classroom experience. It is too soon to tell how effective this classroom experience will be. Will students have learned anything of actual value? I haven’t ever taken a social media class at school, so I wouldn’t know. I’ll find out soon though!