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White Paper: Facebook Offers Gift Giving Service for Users

In addition to sending birthday welcomes to friends via Facebook, the social media giant announced their new gift-giving service on September 27, 2012.

According to an official news release on Facebook, the intention of this service is to add real gift-giving on Facebook which will function in a three step process:

  • Choose a gift
  • Add a preview card or message
  • Send gift

According to the release, a preview message for the gifts may be sent via timeline or private message before payment is submitted. After filling out the friend’s mailing address, a friend may exchange the gift for something else after the gift arrives. After notification of the gift is sent, the gift will arrive a few days after.

Facebook states that there will be a multitude of various gifts eligible for the service, including cupcakes, toys, socks etc.

The Facebook gift-giving service is not yet available to the public but is set to be released soon.