YouTube Now Getting Over 4 Billion Hours of Video Watched a Month


Earlier this year YouTube released their sites statistics and it was shown that people spend over 3 billion hours watching videos each month. It was also reported in those statistics that 72 hours of video gets uploaded onto YouTube every minute, which is a huge jump from 2008 when there was only 10 hours of video being uploaded each minute. It is clear that YouTube is an extremely popular social media site, but not many people expected the most recent statistic. Earlier this week it was confirmed that there is now over 4 billion hours of video being watched each month, a 1 billion hour increase from the stat that was released in May. Those 4 billion hours can be translated into 456,000 years or video.

When you think of social media websites, most people would initially think of Facebook, Twitter, and some would even think of Pinterest. Not many people would think of YouTube as a social media site, most people would just consider it a site that has many videos sent in by users. It doesn’t register too many people outside of the social media marketing field that YouTube is definitely a social media site and one of the first and most successful ones as well.

Between the entertainment these videos offer, the growing popularity of social media sites and the convenience of watching these videos anywhere you’d like, it is more surprising that the numbers aren’t higher than they actually are. As long as people keep uploading videos, people will keep watching, and it will not be a big surprise if this number hits 5 billion before the end of the year.

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