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fishbat’s CMO and Co-Founder, Jennifer Calise, Provides Insight on Key Performance Indicators for Businesses in DM News

Nov 3, 2017, 4:16 PM

In a recent DMN article, Jen Calise, CMO and co-founder of fishbat, discussed the importance of knowing business fundamentals and when your "key performance indicators" (KPIs) are important.

Internet Marketing Agency, fishbat, Lists 11 Characteristics of a Successful Website

Oct 3, 2017, 8:00 AM

In the modern digital environment, businesses are pressed to elevate their website experience for their users. This means modernizing and integrating new development and design ideas and technology to make websites perform at their peak capabilities. Doing so will drive higher metrics and overall revenue through an improved user…

Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Breaks Down Branding for Small Business Owners

Sep 26, 2017, 8:01 AM

One of the biggest challenges that small business owners face is branding their business. Whether money or time constraints are an issue, your brand identity stumps you, or the process overwhelms you, branding is a necessity and no matter the size of the business, it's accomplishable by adhering to a few guidelines. Digital marketing…

Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses the Mobile-First World

Sep 19, 2017, 8:00 AM

The importance of mobile device consideration in today’s digital and on-the-go world is paramount. Mobile devices have surpassed desktops as the primary online usage vehicle for most users. Many people utilize mobile in addition to the desktop, usually with more interactions taking place on mobile devices, but there are growing numbers of…

Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares 4 Important Benefits of Chatbots in your Online Business

Sep 12, 2017, 8:00 AM

The integration of chatbots in online business is changing the way companies interact with their customers, and that is leading to better user experiences and better metric growth and revenue earning potential. As technology evolves, so must businesses to accommodate the consumer and remain competitive. It’s time to start making chatbots…

Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Explores Virtual Reality’s Impact on Marketing

Sep 5, 2017, 9:00 AM

Technology moves fast, and with each passing year, it gains momentum. The latest advances in technology and digital interactions is virtual reality. While the concept itself is not brand new, the advanced level of technology and how it can be integrated into digital marketing is, and it’s impressive. Welcome to the future, because VR is…

fishbat Media Swims to The Top of the “2017 New York Agencies and Developers” on Clutch!

Aug 29, 2017, 9:00 AM

‚ÄčIn the rapidly developing world of digital marketing, agencies must make a strong effort to be creative and open to new ideas. The days of old where an agency could rely simply on tv ads, radio, or print to successfully capture the consumer’s attention are long gone. Marketing tactics that are successful one day, can be completely…

Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Breaks Down SEO with a Checklist for Small Business Owners

Aug 22, 2017, 1:06 PM

Small business owners have a lot on their plate and SEO is a vital but multi-faceted task that can leave business owners overwhelmed if they don’t know where to begin or what aspects of SEO will have the biggest impact on their business. Through analysis, site functionality, optimization, and a combination of PPC, content marketing, and…

Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses Dissemination of Stand-Out Content

Aug 15, 2017, 1:09 PM

Content marketing is a vital aspect of a brand’s digital outreach. Dissemination of quality content builds brand awareness, defines the brand personality, establishes social proof, and improves metrics such as inbound traffic, customer conversion, user retention, and more. However, content must be compelling, provide user value, and…

Internet Marketing Firm, fishbat, Discusses Customer Reviews: How to Obtain and Use Them

Aug 8, 2017, 12:00 PM

Failing to embrace customer reviews can have detrimental effects on a brand’s social proof, conversion, and traffic driving potential. The fear of bad reviews sometimes turns business owners off from requesting and publishing them, but this can be a huge mistake. Customer reviews are a terrific means of engaging with the customer,…