Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses Chatbot Support for Your Customer Service Team

Jul 5, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Chatbots are not just a cute new tech feature; they’re revolutionizing the digital service landscape. With more and more business taking place online, the need to integrate artificial intelligence in the customer support forum is quickly becoming a necessity to ensure 24-hour support, the ability to handle high volume periods, create a consistent online service experience, and to protect the business’ profit margin. Aside from business growth, revenue generating potential, SEO Boosting factors, and an improved customer experience, conversational AI also creates a better and more satisfying work environment for employees. Digital marketing agency, fishbat, discusses chatbot support for your customer service team and how AI can improve employee culture.

There are times when customers need human interaction. However, chatbots can handle basic requests, freeing human representatives up for more in-depth issues and creating shorter wait times for customers. Long waiting periods is a major contributor to unsatisfied consumers and online complaints, damaging customer conversion as well as social proof. Programming chatbots to respond based on keywords or key sentences will help filter out those customers who have common, easy to answer questions, preventing customer service back-ups. This will decrease waiting times for a more satisfied consumer base and will ease the stress on your workforce, leading to a happier team, less turnover, and better interactions with the customers.

While supporting your customer service team with less stress, more time to handle complex customer situations, and shorter waiting times leading to fewer irate customers, chatbots will also deepen the business’ profit margin. Today’s need for 24-hour support can be a drain on a brand’s budget from a staffing perspective. By investing in chatbot technology, customer service teams can be smaller while still delivering 24-hour support, resulting in better pay for the team and higher quality employees due to the need to hire fewer of them or to fluctuate staff size by season. Often, companies will need to fluctuate their staff size based on seasonal need or create larger teams of part-time employees. Part-time employees are less invested in the business, and the constant need to turn over staff and train people drains time, money, and resources, not to mention the financial impact of putting under-trained and under-invested customer service representatives in front of your consumers.

For tasks such as product recommendations, return policy clarity, customer surveys, simple transactions, and more, chatbots alleviate customer service team pressure, time constraints, and overhead costs. They create an environment for more satisfied customers, better volume intake capabilities, greater profitability, and a competitive edge for sustainability. Regarding your customer service team, these chatbot technology benefits result in greater employee retention through an improved work environment.

AI such as chatbots can also support a team regarding employee-assistance. Chatbot technology applied to a company’s HR, IT, and administrative assistance, can streamline the employee’s experience when help is needed. From customer account management to technical assistance and from self-navigated benefits and employee development programs to inter-department communications, conversational AI can guide, organize, and assist employees in the workplace. Direction and support provided by chatbots create a self-reliant workforce, creating a better sense of control for customer service teams and helping to free up those in other departments to handle bigger issues. The same principles that apply to customer service representatives regarding how they can manage their time and improve their environment trickle up and apply to people in other departments as well.

From customer service representative and consumer interactions to employee access to corporate functions and department interactions, conversational AI such as chatbots creates a cohesive, engaging, time-saving, and financially beneficial program to streamline interactions and improve a business’ employee culture. Through efficiencies in staffing, workflow, communications, consistency, and an improved customer and employee experience, that better culture translates to a better bottom-line.


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