Internet Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses Tips for Starting Your First Professional Blog

May 30, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Professional blogging is a great way to build your personal brand and elicit audience loyalty and engagement. For professionals and businesses, consistent blogging drives social proof, brand awareness, and traffic. Internet marketing agency, fishbat, discusses tips for starting your first professional blog.

  • Use a quality blogging platform Your blogging platform is too important to be nonchalant about. Use a blogging platform that is easy to set up and use, has a large support forum, enables fast loading speed, ensures easy online user engagement, and has built-in content management functionality.
  • Get to know your target audience to help find your voice Build your following by discussing topics that appeal to your target audience. Identify your target audience and speak about the things that matter most to them. Pay attention to comments on the bottom of blogs that are relevant to the industry, leverage trending industry hot-topics, and monitor what content is getting the greatest engagement from the audience.
  • Maintain momentum by keeping a record of topics and ideas When you’re perusing the internet, have that late-night lightbulb idea, or hear hot-topics in conversations, write them down. Keeping a list of good ideas will help you counter moments of writer’s block and will keep the writing flowing smoothly.
  • Pay attention to SEO driving factors Drive traffic and create awareness with a purposeful approach to SEO. Include keywords in titles, openings, domain names, and URLs, and include value-added links when applicable. Encourage user engagement through comments and feedback, and leverage trending hot topics. Visuals, such as photos or infographics also promote engagement and provide indexing opportunities for SEO as well. When using visuals, include a URL with keywords to boost SEO.
  • Set yourself up with analytics The best way to target a qualified audience and improve engagement is by monitoring who the target audience is and what they engage with via analytics. Set up an account with either platform-provided or third party analytic programs to refine your blog’s outreach to derive the best results.
  • Establish a well-crafted domain name Domain names should describe your blog’s theme, establish brand-name awareness, and be easy to remember. Domain names are the first point of contact between you and your audience; make sure you leave the right impression.
  • Use catchy titles, open with a punch, and keep it short enough to hold interest Catchy titles grab attention and promote social sharing. Open with statements that will interest the reader and highlight the main message of the blog to compel them to read further. Keep blogs short and sweet to impact reader retention. The audience wants an impactful, value-added, and quick read.
  • Create a schedule for consistency Blog at least once a week to establish a following. Maintain a content calendar and utilize a content management system to keep blogs goal oriented and consistent, which will establish a loyal following, encourage social engagement, and provide social proof.
  • Employ tactics to gain and maintain followers Start building your e-mail list from day one; they will be loyal followers and easy to connect with if you provide them with value. Make sure blogs are shareable on social media platforms and include a visual aid when applicable to command attention online.

Craft your voice and message to provide value to your target audience and create a unique blogging personality that reflects your professional brand and the audience’s needs. Come equipped with the right tools for the job and an attitude of persistence. Approach blogging with purpose, strategy, and consistency, and the audience will follow.


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