NYC Internet Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses Attracting More Followers and Social Engagement Online

Jul 18, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Digital outreach is necessary to build brand awareness, establish social proof, and to drive traffic to businesses. However, just being on social media isn’t enough. For digital branding to be effective, it must encourage the audience to follow the brand and be engaged with the brand online. These factors increase audience reach, brand recognition, and trust factors. NYC internet marketing agency, fishbat, discusses attracting more followers and social engagement online and how being a digital pied piper can grow your business.

Give ‘em something to talk about

  • Influencers Social influencers are a valuable resource when you find the right one to pull your target audience’s “levers”. Research influencers who are relevant to the industry, who commands a strong following, and who reflect your brand and aspirational image. Social influencers have the power to pull in visitors through their established following, trust factors, and industry knowledge.
  • Be consistent Consistency in posting builds brand recognition and social proof. Use a content management system to schedule and track posts to ensure consistent publication. This will encourage awareness, loyalty and increased social engagement. Ensure that posts utilize a consistent voice as well to establish a brand personality. Businesses should regularly participate in industry conversations online and on social platforms such as LinkedIn or through Facebook groups to reach B2B contacts and to establish industry authority, prompting following and engagement.
  • Make posts visually and textually compelling Titles and visuals are the first things to capture the audience's attention. Ensure that titles are succinct and compelling. Leverage trending topics and keywords to pull in the desired audience and increase SEO potential. Include visuals to command audience attention and increase the probability of sharing. Compelling titles and visuals are far more likely to be followed and shared online than text-only posts or posts with titles and headers that fail to captivate the audience.

Design and disseminate with purpose

  • Utilize CTAs Give the audience a reason to pay attention. Include CTAs that leverage action verbiage and consumer incentives to drive the audience to engage with the brand. Have CTAs lead to landing pages, email or subscription sign-up forms, or encourage liking, following, and sharing on social media platforms.
  • Invest time and effort in targeted platforms; don’t try to rule them all If what you are promoting doesn’t make sense on a platform or if your target audience doesn’t use that platform, why invest in it? Capitalize on the platforms that attract your target audience or are universally effective, such as Facebook. Identify platforms that your target audience uses most and that derives the best engagement for the industry. Analytics including competitor research features can help to identify those platforms that will make the most sense for your business. Analyze results throughout campaigns to monitor effectiveness and to be able to react as necessary.
  • Leverage the power of visuals Posts that utilize visuals such as photography, video, animations, and infographics, get engaged with on social media more than text-only posts. Visuals command attention and communicate to the audience quicker and easier than text does. Incorporate visuals and adhere to a few simple design rules to make visuals pop and prompt engagement. Utilize contrasting colors, bold font, and quality photography and videos. Pay attention to details such as pixelation by utilizing appropriate formats for the type of image. Avoid stock photos and make visuals show off your brand personality through a customized approach. Remember to optimize visuals with URLs, and keywords in titles, headers, and descriptions.

Technically speaking

  • Optimize all posts Optimizing posts helps with audience reach and online visibility. Include keywords in titles, descriptions, above the fold text, and URLs. Include URLs for all posts and visuals for search engine indexing. Include backlinks on social media posts that direct viewers to your website or landing pages with CTAs.
  • Use analytics to make digital efforts more targeted A targeted audience is more likely to take an interest in your brand and engage with it online. Utilize social platform or third party analytic programs to refine marketing efforts based on your target audience’s preferences, chosen platforms, and online behaviors.

Online engagement may seem simple; post and people will like and share, right? Online businesses must be cognizant of the fact that it’s not that easy. Like any marketing efforts, leveraging the power of social media and digital customer outreach takes dedication, research, and attention to detail. Digital outreach puts the world at a business’ fingertips, if only they know how to grab it. With a focus on building brand awareness through consistency and compelling content, attention to textual, visual, and analytical data details, and a strategic approach to optimization and dissemination, your business can be a digital pied piper to grow the brand for a sustainable and profitable future.


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