Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Breaks Down Branding for Small Business Owners

Sep 26, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

One of the biggest challenges that small business owners face is branding their business. Whether money or time constraints are an issue, your brand identity stumps you, or the process overwhelms you, branding is a necessity and no matter the size of the business, it's accomplishable by adhering to a few guidelines. Digital marketing agency, fishbat, breaks down branding for small business owners.

  • Knowing your brand It’s hard to brand your business if you don’t know what the brand stands for, how it stands apart from the competition, its target audience demographics, or specific business goals. It's important to understand where your business fits into the industry; if the brand provides a unique product or service, that should be a part of your value proposition and worked into the brand’s marketing efforts to establish a unique identity.
  • Establishing social proof It’s vital to establish social proof to build brand awareness and user trust. Publishing value-added content consistently, responding to customer queries online, engaging users on social media, utilizing social influencers, and ensuring shareable design, content, and images will help to establish social proof.
  • CMSs and content marketing Content marketing builds brand awareness and trust, assists with customer acquisition through the establishment of industry authority and SEO improvements, provides user-value, and it drives traffic to the business. However, to be effective, content marketing must be approached properly. Leverage trending keywords and hashtags in accompaniment with goal-driven keywords that tie back to your website. Disseminate content consistently and utilize analytics to understand what content is successful or has opportunities based on audience engagement metrics. Publish content on appropriate platforms for the target audience and for the type of content, such as focusing on platforms like LinkedIn for B2B topics, YouTube for video tutorials, and of course Facebook for most marketing with its immense worldwide audience. Ensure that content has compelling titles, that all content is shareable with URLs, titles, and social sharing buttons, and that content links back to your website. It’s best to utilize a content management system, or CMS, for the dissemination of content. Quality CMSs assist with topic tracking, keyword research, analytics, audience segmenting, editing tools, and the ever-important auto-scheduling tool for ensuring consistent publication.
  • Optimization Optimization is vital for digital visibility. Ensure keyword placement in titles, on web pages, in content, navigation and anywhere that they can be added organically and not stuffed. Ensure all shareable components such as visuals, articles, and more, contain individual URLs as well as titles and descriptions. Obtain website maintenance services to oversee issues such as image compression, code minification, and hosting server problems to ensure faster loading time and functionality. Seeing to these optimization issues among others will boost SEO, improve the user experience, build social proof and brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site. Additionally, it’s vital to ensure that the website is optimized for mobile use. Most people use mobile devices for their daily online interactions, and they should receive the same experience on a mobile device as a desktop regarding issues such as rendering, ease of navigation, and functionality.
  • Email marketing Real-time messaging, personalized and segmented outreach, ability to re-engage old customers, measurability, and clarity around call-to-actions make email marketing an important component of your overall small business branding efforts.
  • Local listings and marketing Not only will the local market drive a lot of business due to loyalty factors, but locals also serve as brand ambassadors. The immediacy of response by a local audience helps drive up initial SEO and digital branding efforts through social sharing, recommending, review boards, and more. Leverage local business listing sites, review boards, geo-marketing efforts and more to establish brand trust and recognition locally for an SEO boost and a kick start for more wide-reaching efforts.
  • Monitoring and refining marketing efforts Small business can waste a lot of marketing money on branding efforts that are missing the mark without the use of analytics. Whether using platform-provided or third-party analytic programs, small business owners should monitor the results of digital campaigns regularly for future refinement. Utilize analytics to understand your target audiences better through data regarding user interests, historical digital activity, profiles, geographic areas, the industry of employment and much more. Regularly monitor the success of digital campaigns to uncover issues in click-through rates, CTA success, time spent on the content and other wins and misses. Additionally, utilize analytics to monitor the success of your website regarding things like page views, conversion, time spent on site, and other revenue-impacting issues. By gaining clarity around what is working and what is not, small business owners can manage their time and advertising budgets more effectively while gaining insight to any changes that may be needed in the web design, content marketing approaches, or reaching the target audiences.

Branding is never an easy overnight success but through consistency, a focus on the customer, and employing a few important digital marketing strategies, small businesses can experience big success in today’s digital world. Brands of all sizes have access to a worldwide audience of potential customers, which can be enhanced further by a digital marketing agency. The scale of possibility is tremendous when you focus on branding your small business the right way.


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