Display Advertising Services: Don't Let Potential Clients Slip Away

Sep 28, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

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Let’s face the facts: first impressions mean a lot. When meeting anyone new, it’s important to put your best foot forward so that you come across in the best possible way. If you really think about it, this same sort of idea can be applied to your business.

Display advertising services are a great way to set up that initial introduction - roping your customers in and convincing them to learn more about what sets your company apart from the rest. It’s even powerful enough to give you a second chance if your first meeting didn’t seal the deal!

So, let’s take a look at how display advertising can take your business from that initial “hello,” to an established relationship with previous visitors and brand-new customers alike.

What Is Display Advertising?

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Before we dive into how display advertising services can benefit your business, let’s talk a little bit about what we actually mean when we talk about “display advertising.”

Just as you’d pass a billboard on your way to work, Google display advertising is placed strategically on high-traffic web pages and serves as a graphic poster of sorts for your company. Display advertising is one of the most common ways that companies get the word out about their brand and their products, and any marketing campaign worth its salt will include this avenue of advertising to really maximize your results.

But what exactly separates Google display advertising from traditional SEO or services like social media marketing? Let’s go over what makes display advertising unique, and how applying it to your business can really elevate your next marketing campaign.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

While you might not want to take the saying literally, it’s true that imagery goes a long way toward capturing the attention of an online audience.

Tying back into that example of a billboard above, would you give it a second glance if it was just some text on a blank background? Chances are that it wouldn’t catch your eye, and you would carry on with your morning commute without giving the advertisement the time of day.

When it comes to making that first impression, a well-designed graphic can be much more effective than some written words on a page. Knowing the type of imagery to use and how to lay out display advertising takes some specialized knowledge and artistic flair, but if you really nail the layout of your ads you’re going to see some seriously impressive returns.

Even if you have to employ the services of a digital marketing agency to design proper display advertising, it’s often more than worth that initial investment in its ability to appeal to your target audience and rein in more traffic.

So, when putting together your next marketing campaign, really think about how a well-placed display ad can put your company at the forefront and ahead of your competitors.

Maximize Brand Awareness

Most people measure the effectiveness of online advertising by the amount of clicks an ad receives and the increased traffic to their business. That makes sense, right? In truth, it’s definitely a reasonable metric to consider, but there’s something to be said for brand awareness gained from just getting your company in front of more eyes.

Let’s be realistic: while you’re going to get a good amount of people that will click through to your site, there’s going to be a large portion of your audience that will stay on their current page without clicking through to see your business. At first glance, this seems like a bad thing, but even people who don’t click your ads will see them - giving your business increased clout and a more established reputation in your industry.

Perhaps a particular customer isn’t interested in your products or services today, but what if they’re shopping for something similar in a few weeks or months from now? Who are they going to think of? Your business, or your competitors? While you might not have seen that initial payoff from running with display advertising, you’re planted your company’s presence in the back of each viewer’s mind - and that’s incredibly valuable when it comes to brand awareness.

The Beauty of Retargeting

Photo depicting the process that goes into retargeting with display ads

Online advertising has become significantly more advanced, and there are more tools than ever before waiting for businesses to take advantage of.

Most of this article thus far has focused on making that first impression on a brand-new customer, but part of the beauty of display advertising is in its ability to retarget customers that may already be aware of your services.

Say a potential customer visits your site and browses products, but then decides not to complete the purchase and moves on with the rest of their day. It’s clear from the fact that they visited your company’s website that they were interested enough to give it the time of day, so wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize display remarketing to give them that extra nudge they need to actually buy your products?

Retargeting with display ads actually lets you focus on people that may have visited your site previously, which puts your brand at the forefront of your target audience’s mind and helps give them a push towards taking advantage of your company’s services.

While there’s a large amount of value in appealing to a wide audience of new customers, you’re honestly going to get a lot more bang for your buck retargeting with display ads for an audience that is already interested - and this is one of the primary ways that display advertising separates itself from other forms of online marketing. Getting that beautiful graphic in front of people through who were already considering a purchase through display remarketing can be all that’s needed to turn a window shopper into a paying customer.

The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Marketing

We’ve gone over some of the main reasons why display advertising is effective when it comes to growing your company’s online presence, but we’ll wrap up this discussion with a reminder that this is just one key part of a comprehensive marketing approach.

To really put your business in front and center and continue to grow a customer base, you’re really going to need to tackle things from multiple angles. Display advertising is definitely a key part of an online campaign, but where it really shines is in conjunction with other strategies. Effective social media marketing, proper website SEO, display advertising, and developing brand awareness across multiple online platforms are all methods that feed off of one another to push your company forward.

Chances are that you’ve already taken steps to market your business in one way or another, but a holistic and personalized approach that incorporates display advertising is truly the best way to continue to see growth.


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