fishbat Media Swims to The Top of the “2017 New York Agencies and Developers” on Clutch!

Aug 29, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

In the rapidly developing world of digital marketing, agencies must make a strong effort to be creative and open to new ideas. The days of old where an agency could rely simply on tv ads, radio, or print to successfully capture the consumer’s attention are long gone. Marketing tactics that are successful one day, can be completely obsolete the next. To stay ahead of the curve, a marketing partner must anticipate the next trends and understand the latest technologies. They need to have a holistic mindset, understanding how technology intersects with multiple areas, including design and culture.

fishbat has always confronted these challenges by moving with the times, but one constant, is our business first approach, wherein our primary goal is to help businesses stay relevant and evolve. Our team’s range of expertise has diversified over the years in order to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. Among our capabilities, we can create original content that also accurately reflects your brand, boost your online presence through search engine optimization best practices, and help you maintain a positive reputation in any given industry.

That said, we’re very honored that we have been recognized as a leading social media marketing agency by Clutch, a B2B market research firm, based in Washington, DC. As a platform helping buyers to identify their ideal solutions or services partner, Clutch has sought to improve B2B interactions by leveraging the ratings and reviews phenomenon. Though their ranking process takes into account multiple factors, including market presence and clientele, at the core lies the client reviews.

As more agencies race to become a client’s number one marketing provider, the distinguishing factors are dwindling, and accountability also becomes more difficult to judge. By having reviews on Clutch, fishbat Media wants to highlight our commitment to transparency and customer service. For this reason, we are very grateful to those of clients who have provided their feedback, and allowed us to take full advantage of the platform. Below are some of their positive comments:

“There’s definitely a measurable return and you can see especially when they’re working on it.” – President, Branding Agency

“They don’t just do what we ask; they share ideas of what should happen.” Director of Public Relations, Veterinary Medical Device Provider

“Their small nature and on-on-one customer service relationship has been a huge benefit to us.” – Chief Marketing Officer, Optical Retailer

Although we are always focused on delivering measurable results, it’s very important to us that our clients understand our overarching values. We want them to see us as a long-term partner, invested in their business, and recognize that their success is our own. We want to push our clients to take risks, and introduce innovative ways of growing their businesses. This recognition by Clutch is one step among many that we hope will allow us to build new relationships and together, navigate a marketing landscape that is ever-changing and full of potential.


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