Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares 4 Important Benefits of Chatbots in your Online Business

Sep 12, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

The integration of chatbots in online business is changing the way companies interact with their customers, and that is leading to better user experiences and better metric growth and revenue earning potential. As technology evolves, so must businesses to accommodate the consumer and remain competitive. It’s time to start making chatbots a part of your team. Internet marketing company, fishbat, shares four benefits of using chatbots for your online business.

Around the clock low overhead staffing to handle high traffic volume

Businesses often have varying traffic influx during different times of the year or major promotions or events. Inconsistencies in staffing needs create difficulties for businesses trying to provide a consistent customer experience during different traffic volume periods. Incorporating chatbot assistance provides around the clock help for users at the times that they need them with a low overhead, boosting profitability. This minimizes bounce rates, boosts conversion and other metrics, and provides a better overall experience leading to more repeat traffic, recommendations, and social proof. Chatbots save time and trouble for companies struggling through hiring, terminating, and needing temporary positions to meet the needs of fluctuating volume. Frequent staffing changes, in addition to being a hassle, often cause service inconsistencies. Chatbots will ensure a consistent experience for all users at all times.

Improved customer retention and conversion

When users have unanswered questions, struggle through navigation, or have an underwhelming online experience, they often abandon the site never to return. Missed retention and conversion opportunities are among the greatest obstacles to any business. Chatbots improve retention and conversion ability through better experiences leading to completed user actions. Offering guidance to complete actions, navigate a site, assist in technology issues, and even contribute to selling through chatbot-driven suggested item dialogue, provides an exceptional experience, retains the consumer, and encourages conversion.

Selling assistance

Chatbot programming is linear with pre-programmed tasking for each bot; however, there are many options about how they can be programmed, from customer service and tech support to customer recovery and programming them to be virtual salespeople. Chatbots can provide a sales boost to e-commerce sites by programming them to recommend items whether for relevant item pairing, a promotional opportunity, or based on personal interest through historical searches. The leveraging of relevant suggestions and impulse buying through chatbots improve customer conversion, the average amount spent per customer, retention, repeat business, and social proof, as well as providing an SEO boost through the improved user experience. Additionally, chatbots can be used to follow up with consumers who have not been to the website for a long time, have an abandoned cart, or otherwise need outreach to pull them back into the brand.

Better customer experiences lead to SEO boosts

SEO has increasingly focused on the user experience as a benchmark for search engine rankings; fortunately, chatbots help to provide an excellent user experience. Chatbots assist with improving time spent on site, conversion, and engagement; they also provide navigational assistance leading to more pageviews, completion of CTAs and other actionables. Additionally, chatbot interactions lead to positive reviews, social recommendations, and overall better user experiences, which can support the efforts being made by your internet marketing agency. Search engines recognize user value as a key marker for SEO, and that is what chatbots provide. Chatbots can also leverage user data to provide more personalized experiences which will boost social proof.

It’s time to start integrating chatbots into your team

Regardless of the type of online business, chatbots can improve the customer experience, and better customer experiences boost metrics, social proof, and online visibility through SEO. Chatbots provide consistency and improve profitability to provide a more sustainable business structure as well. Chatbots may be invisible staff members from the company’s perspective, but they bring the brand and the service experience in front of the consumer with a consistency that human representatives simply don't deliver. These invisible staff members are very visible to the consumer and to search engines, and they deliver very visible results to online businesses.


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