Just call us Oz.

We are the digital agency behind some of the biggest marketing agencies around.

It can be a tough business and all of us need great allies. We pride ourselves on being great partners. We work well with other agencies and truly take pride in helping them shine in their areas of expertise as we compliment their services with ours.

Let's meet in the sandbox and see just how well we can play together.

Let's see how we can work together.

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We are great allies to our partners.


  1. Never forget we work for you. And YOUR client.
  2. Provide work on internal deadlines for you so you have days to review the work in advance.
  3. Price competitively so our partners are profitable.
  4. Provide our white label partners receive dedicated resources that become an extension of their brand.
  5. Provide free sales and marketing support and materials.

Through a partnership with fishbat, you can offer your clients...


Strong branding means sales. Get branded.


NYC's and Long Island's #1 SEO Company! We are an award-winning nationally recognized SEO Company and Digital Marketing Firm. We are a Forbes Agency Council Member and Contributor to Forbes.com for SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies.

Social Media Management

Bring your market into your social media circle. Get social.

Online Reputation Management

Bad reviews cost businesses 83% of sales. Get protected.

Influencer Marketing

Connect with those that influence your market. Get influence.

Website Development

Your website can be your best 24/7 salesperson. Get selling.

Content Curation & Creation

Customized content to capture your market. Get heard.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Find more sales in their inbox. Get opened.

B2B Digital Marketing Program

Reach your targeted audience. Get connected.

Referral partnership

Introduce your clients to us, we will handle it all from the sales process through ongoing customer support.

Co-Marketing partnership

Offer your clients a co-branded solution to compliment your products/services.

White label partnership

Expand your brand’s offerings – with marketing templates, sales and service training and pricing autonomy.