Press Release: Internet Marketing Firm, fishbat, Inc., Comments on the Ways 'Big Data’ is Changing Our World and How It Effects Marketing

Oct 18, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Following a recent article from Entrepreneur Magazine detailing the major ways ‘big data’ is changing the world, fishbat, Inc. weighs in on the effects on marketing.

On October 18, Internet marketing firm, fishbat, Inc., comments on an article that discusses ‘big data’ and remarks on how it is affecting the digital marketing world.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, 'big data’ (in the most basic of definition being the governments, companies and organizations that can collect and utilize massive amounts of information and use it in various ways) has brought almost every topic down to numbers. This phenomenon is changing society on almost every level, both positively and negatively.

The article brings up several ways that these changes have begun to appear. It talks about the military potential to use 'big data’ to make smarter unmanned drones, potentially saving lives. In addition, the use of 'big data’ can also be used to help analyze environmental and weather pattern changes and try to prevent them. According to the article, 'Big data’ can be used to determine consumer interests, which can aid companies in creating marketing plans. Finally, the article describes the potential for the abuse of individual privacy, considering the depth of data collected from big websites.

Sida Li, VP of Internal Operations at fishbat, Inc., commented on the article stating, “It is imperative to utilize 'big data’ responsibly in order to ensure a customer’s privacy.” He continued, “However, the use of data on such scale can help marketers craft plans on the individual level, in order to maximize customer satisfaction.”

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