Press Release: Mobile Marketing on the Rise, Online Marketing Company, fishbat, Inc., Stresses Importance of Well Rounded Internet Marketing Strategy

Oct 12, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Online marketing company, fishbat, Inc., releases a statement stressing importance of well rounded Internet marketing strategy as mobile marketing experiences “tremendous growth” according to UK marketing models.

On October 14 2012, online marketing company, fishbat, Inc., stressed the importance of well rounded Internet marketing strategy as mobile marketing is said to be experiencing “tremendous growth” as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

According to the Sacramento Bee, “Paul Berney, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of EMEA at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recently commented on the industry's 'tremendous growth’, stressing that companies need to tap into the benefits of this emerging area.” The article goes on to state, “This is a stark warning that mobile marketing is not an area to be overlooked in a successful marketing strategy.”

“With growth in various areas of Internet marketing, it’s important to have a well-rounded strategy that can be designed for you by an online marketing company, like fishbat, Inc.,” states Justin Maas, VP of Client Relations for fishbat, Inc. “It’s imperative to not overlook any area of a marketing strategy especially when marketing online. Where there are so many resources available online, you don’t want to neglect a resource that will allow you to reach your target audience.”

fishbat, Inc. is a full service online marketing firm. Through social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and public relations, fishbat strives as a marketing firm to raise awareness about your brand and strengthen your corporate image.



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