If you believe in word of mouth advertising...you believe in social media.

Social media signals and communities play a vital role in consumer behavior, brand awareness, and digital presence. Social media sites offer some of the most targeted, robust advertising platforms we have ever seen.

Your social pages can be beacons for new business and a customer service tool to increase customer loyalty.

Done right - social media is a miraculous marketing tool that truly transforms your business.

Done improperly - social media marketing can be a waste of time, effort and money.

We can help you grow socially to grow financially.

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“93% of shopper’s buying decisions are influenced by social media.”

– socialmediatoday.com


fishbat creates engaging digital content and utilizes a proprietary optimization strategy to properly manage social channels and penetrate new markets by pinpointing social media users based on targeted demographics.

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“Social media lead conversion rates are 13 percent higher than the average lead conversion rate."

- Hubspot

fishbat creates engaging digital content and utilizes a proprietary optimization strategy to properly manage social media channels and penetrate new markets.

Social Media Marketing combines the best of proper community management and web marketing into one. fishbat offers clients an interactive strategy on most social media platforms to develop a dialogue between the brand and consumers. Through this medium, clients are able to:

  • promote products and services
  • provide direct customer service
  • continually maintain a brand message
  • monitor brand perception among consumers

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Ad Buys

As a leading social media marketing agency, fishbat offers competitive ad placement and outreach for clients to expand their consumer bases through clever and targeted digital billboards. Examples of ad buys include:

Facebook Ads

Unlike ad buying platforms that charge a set price for a certain amount of fans, fishbat uses the official Facebook ads platform to obtain real fans to match clients’ target audiences. fishbat consistently obtains fans for costs well below the industry average.

Twitter Ads

Twitter advertising campaigns promote product launches and gain Twitter followers through the deployment of tweets, trends and accounts. fishbat negotiates with Twitter’s representatives on behalf of our clients, as the social media ad platform is strictly invite-only.

LinkedIn Ads

fishbat is able to acquire new customers, reach out to potential leads, fill job positions and promote events using LinkedIn’s ad platform. Using LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to connect with customers in a professional context is different and effective

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“fishbat was the first company that really understood how to make our social media and seo work together.”

– J. Kosco, Roche

Social Media Case Studies

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