Google Shopping Express: Will Google Ever Stop Dominating?

ID-10055016Stuart Miles

Does anyone else feel that Google appears in the news way too often? From Google + Hangouts, to SEO updates, to technological dominance, Google is slowly moving its game pieces across the Digital-Risk game board. So what has Google dominated this time?

Well, it has been announced that Google will be preparing the launch of its online shopping service “Google Shopping Express” as a means to compete against Amazon Prime. The project is being run by Tom Fallows, an e-commerce product manager at Google, and is an effort to focus Google’s e-commerce initiatives.

Amazon Prime has seen tremendous success over the years as a leading Internet shopping resource, undercutting the show room costs of big dogs like Target and Best Buy but it seems that Google might have the upper hand (no surprise there).

Google Shopping Express will co-operate with Google Wallet and shipping partner BufferBox to undercut Amazon Prime by a $10 to $15 margin. They can handle their own social media marketing in an endless loop of Google shops, hangouts and news feeds.

“Google Wallet and Google Shopping need a focal point, and serving as a “store shelf” to big-name retailers could be that in. Google has been scrambling for a way to capitalize on its advantages in the space — the fact that it’s arguably one of the first places people visit when they want to find a product — for a while,” reports TechCrunch.

The question is really, will Google ever stop? What industry will Google find their way into only to come up on top?

Google faces competition in every realm – Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, etc. – but no other company can be used as a verb. Google, it seems, can turn anything it does into gold and there is no limit to what industry that the search engine cannot get its hands on.

If Google dominates the digital universe (not like that is a monopoly or anything) will it move outside of the digital and open its own minimart? How about a sport’s team or clothing line? The possibilities are endless like the search results for Chuck Norris Jokes.


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