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We realize digital marketing is just a component of a larger organism – your business. Our digital marketing plans are driven by the five year vision, seasonality shifts, understanding your most profitable business lines, and operational challenges.

We create well balanced, integrated digital programs that make sense for your entire business…and work towards your ultimate, bottom line goals.

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This work is in our DNA

We knew companies were forced to choose between digital marketing companies that know technologies well but have little experience in business principles or traditional business consultants that did not have a truly strong command of how to use all the digital technologies available.

fishbat was created by fusing two successful businesses in each discipline to become one. By not trying to “evolve” into the other we can truly create business minded digital marketing programs.

Traditional Business &
Marketing Consulting Firm

Social Media, SEO &
Digital Marketing Agency


Market Strategy
360 Tactical Planning
Investor Program


Website Development
Branding Asset Development
Promotional Asset Development

“Our sales are 35% higher than expected this quarter and we see a clear line to your work. We are a tough crowd -and we are happy.”

– Ashley B., JAF

Brands Amplified

Most of our clients dominate the first page of google for their industry keywords and are featured on major media. Our multi-faceted approach to SEO is one of a kind and built on brand integrity.

Our clients can be seen in:

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fishbat is an award winning online marketing company & social media agency that’s shown significant returns on investment.

We specialize in bringing all aspects of your online presence together to promote the success of your brand. Through social media, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, video production, and public relations, we strive to raise awareness about your brand and strengthen your corporate image. With carefully-crafted, expertly-executed online marketing strategies and a commitment to excellence, our goal is to enhance your bottom line. At fishbat, we target your market, utilizing the most innovative strategies to capture your customer.

We have a 94.6% client retention rate.