A product is only as good as the campaign that promotes it.

A well-designed, accurately branded and properly targeted advertisement is the difference between high market share and total obscurity. At fishbat, we marry the tried-and-true principles of traditional marketing with the digital vehicles of today. Our campaigns have set new standards and redefined the capabilities of a Long Island advertising agency.

Digital campaigns from fishbat fulfill a wide range of desires:

  • Attract new customers
  • Define a personality through creativity
  • Elevate a reputation
  • Solidify credibility and authenticity
  • Introduce new products
  • Captivate audience with design and content
  • Detail product functions
  • Announce new products and promotions
  • Increase exposure

Online ad placements

By offering a complete menu of social media marketing, fishbat has altered the landscape of Long Island advertising. Our diversified and impactful campaigns span the most populated corners of the Internet, including:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Pay-Per-Click
  • Banner ads
  • Twitter ads

The key to online advertising is maximizing a message with very limited real estate, and no one does it better than fishbat. Our creative teams turn 140 characters and 600 pixels into concise branding masterworks. Targeted social media ads attract new followers through substantive content and visual ingenuity.

Ultimately, aside from fan generation, launching an online ad boosts sales and produces immediate cash flow. With a single click, our promotions link directly to a company’s homepage or e-commerce site, enabling end-users to purchase products immediately. fishbat’s ability to simultaneously build revenue and optimize web traffic is unmatched in Long Island advertising.

​The very best Long Island advertising has to offer

fishbat’s successes in digital marketing have been recognized by Long Island’s leading organizations of commerce.
  • Best Social Media Agency 2012 – Long Island Press
  • Rookie of the Year 2013 – Hauppauge Industrial Association

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Out with the Old...

TV ads run cyclically, but digital promotions run continually and utilize advanced algorithms to reach only a product’s most desired audience. A study by the Tempkin Group revealed that U.S. consumers watch nearly an equal amount of daily content via the Internet and TV (3.8 hours/day and 3.9, respectively). However, the stark disparity in price between the two mediums makes digital advertising a sheer bargain and affords businesses with even modest marketing budgets the ability to advertise. According to Media Daily News, the average 30-second TV commercial sells for $122,734. Lucky for you, our digital ads cost significantly less than that.