Social Media: A Fatal Distraction

ID-10020980Boaz Yiftach

It’s normal for many of us to have numerous emails a day that we need to check constantly, especially if we work in an office or for a business that requires us to be glued to our Gmail or Yahoo accounts 40 hours or more a week. But, how many of us are distracted from our work by social media sites?

I’ve noticed how many people are signed onto these social media networks each day by how many posts my friends are commenting on or posting and by how much my newsfeed is constantly being updated. And I obviously notice that this is going on because I too find myself being distracted by sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on a daily basis.

Not saying that these people aren’t getting done or are on these sites all day long, but it’s very common these days to walk by a co-workers desk to see them looking at a funny picture or a friends post on one of these sites. Roughly 60% of wasted-time at work now involves being sucked in to the digital world of social media in one way or another.

Even by just navigating through the multiple tabs and or open windows is a major distraction. Infact, in a survey taken with more than 500 employees of U.S businesses of various sizes, concluded that a company with over 1,000 employees can waste more than $10 million every year due to these digital distractions.

We are living in the digital and social world and because of that I doubt that the use of these sites, along with checking personal emails and text messages, will ever fully be banned from businesses. Even if banned, I don’t think employers will be able to completely control the use (or lack thereof) of these online networks.

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