Bobbing for Social Media: Halloween Tricks and Tips

Halloween is here despite all the crazy weather. It is time to break out the candied apples, carve the pumpkins and scare the bejeezus out of kids in your favorite scarecrow outfit. With all of the fright and delight of Halloween, social media marketing is hard at work to promote the holiday. Here are some campaign ideas to get your freaky holiday groove on:

  • Wine and die with fright at these Halloween parties

Invite everyone to the party! Use twitter to engage in your social media audience and invite them to one big Halloween shin-dig! Tesco Wines is hosting a #hashtag party this Halloween and everyone is invited. Tesco will tweet random Halloween themed tweets to those who follow the wine company for a chance to win assorted prizes.

  • Show off your wizards and Avengers!

Creating a spectacle that others can join is one way to promote your brand at a social level. Kmart hosted an event which they invited mommy bloggers to witness Chicago hip hop dancer Monternez “Monty” Rezell to move his way through over 150 different costume changes in under eight hours, breaking a World Record. Not only does Kmart show off their product but their brand message gets delivered at the cost of publicity and costume samples.

  • Costume Contest

Everybody loves to get dressed up for this spooky time of year. Hosting your own costume contest online and inviting twitter followers or Facebook friends to submit photos of their best garb can attract several Ghouls and Ghosts to your brand’s page.

What is your favorite part of Halloween? How can you use this spooky holiday to translate your brand?