You’ll Never Have Another: Why I’ll Have Another is a Once in a Lifetime Occurrence

Photo courtesy of Alex Evers.

With the close of the Belmont Stakes this past weekend, there are still many people buzzing about the future of the iconic I’ll Have Another. After being removed from the Belmont Stakes at the last minute, millions of people wonder if the celebrity horse might have swept the series and claimed title as the first Triple Crown winner in over 25 years. However there is something more than just a winning horse that made I’ll Have Another special. I’ll Have Another was a celebrity.

Unlike Secretariat or Seabiscuit, I’ll Have Another has impacted the world of Twitter and Facebook and reached the lives of millions personally (Well, maybe not personally: Horses can’t really type). Holding press conferences and tweeting about them has shown that even a horse can reach the same level as Justin Beiber.

“Social media has done something unprecedented within the sport; it’s literally given the horse a voice and opened up his fan base to millions of people who normally might not have paid attention to the Triple Crown, let alone the individual races. Social media has assisted in not only breaking and sharing out news, but also creating a community for fans to commiserate and express their disappointment,” says Justin Maas, Social Media Account Manager.

Will the world ever see another horse like I’ll Have Another? My answer is no. Will there ever be a horse that has touched the hearts of millions? I’ve seen enough Disney films to know that the answer to that question is #youbetyoura$$.

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