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2019 Digital Marketing Strategy Tips: How to Break Through the Clutter

It’s a New Year, and chances are you have your own set of resolutions. While you yourself may be looking to drop a few pounds, it’s prime time to reevaluate your digital marketing strategy to see some major gains for your business in 2019.


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It’s a New Year, and chances are you have your own set of resolutions. While you yourself may be looking to drop a few pounds, it’s prime time to reevaluate your digital marketing strategy to see some major gains for your business in 2019.


The online world is a dynamic place and the field of digital marketing continues to evolve alongside it. If you don’t grow and adapt with those changes, you’ll be left back in 2018 instead of charging full speed ahead into the New Year.


We’ve compiled a list of tips to take your online marketing plan to the next level and start 2019 on the right foot.


1 – Go Back to the Basics

While it’s true that there are various changes and trends that you need to keep an eye on in order to stay ahead of the competition in the New Year, it’s important that you have a solid mastery of the basic elements of online marketing as well.


The basics of any digital marketing strategy have stayed largely the same over the last several years. A new year is the perfect opportunity to revisit your plan and ensure you have solid footing moving forward. Let’s touch briefly on those basics before we get into some tips for the New Year.


Search Engine Optimization

Photo showing that SEO is a big part of an online marketing plan

Google continues to be a major force in the online world, and it’s important that your online content be optimized to rank well in search engine results so that you can continue to drive traffic to your business.


Revisit SEO best practices such as proper keyword usage and density, while providing value to the consumer with high quality content in order to keep your content visible and relevant.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Just as important as search engine optimization is making sure the experience of the user on the website itself is streamlined and tailored toward conversions with proper conversion rate optimization. Something as simple as adjusting a page layout can make a world of difference when it comes to actually seeing the results from traffic generated by SEO.


Social Media Management

Any comprehensive online marketing plan will take full advantage of the benefits that social media has to offer. While it’s certainly important to run intelligently targeted campaigns, companies will see benefits just by staying active on all channels with high-quality content designed to convert.


Brand Promotion and Reputation Management

It’s important to keep consumers talking about your company, but it’s also critical that that conversation be as positive as possible. Investing in customer service and making sure to quickly address any complaints will improve reputation in the eyes of the consumer and establish the brand as a competitive option that puts their customers first.


2 – Focus on The Channels That Count

Digital marketing agency developing a strategy for 2019

While every company will benefit from a digital marketing strategy, every company also has budget constraints as well. In order to kick off the New Year with an effective plan of attack that is optimized for the best results, it’s important to take a look at your previous advertising efforts and zero in on the channels that are giving the best returns for your business.

Any comprehensive marketing plan will attack brand promotion from as many different angles as possible, but it’s important to further enhance the results of your best-performing channels before moving on to underperformers for a more reliable guarantee of increased traffic and sales.


3 – Refine Your Target Audience

One aspect that sets a top-performing digital marketing agency apart from the rest is the ability to not only create quality brand promotion content, but also to serve that content to the correct audiences.


As your business has grown, chances are that you’ve gotten a better sense of the type of people that are likely to purchase your products. The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to revise your strategy to ensure that you’re spending your limited budget on promoting your product to an audience that is most likely to convert.


Just as it’s a better use of your time to really milk the most you can put of your top-performing online channels, it’s important to narrow down your target audience to a niche group that will give your company the attention it deserves. Trying to convince unreceptive audiences to give your brand a chance isn’t worth your time. This coming year, it’s time to ensure that every penny spent is spent in a way that will move you quickly toward your goals.


4 – Allow Room for Experimentation

It’s critical that you start the New Year with a solid plan that plays to your strengths, but any initial marketing strategy should have some wiggle room that allows you some creative leeway.


Being too conservative with your marketing may keep your company protected, but it may also leave valuable profits on the table. Take a portion of your budget and some time to see how you can change things up in the coming year. While it’s possible you may not see amazing returns on your investment, there’s also a very real chance that you’ll discover an avenue for promotion that will catapult your brand to the next level.


5 – Put the Customer First

While there are plenty of tips and tricks to optimizing your marketing moving forward into 2019, they all boil down to the same basic idea: listening and responding to the needs of your customers.


There’s definitely a science to effective marketing, but at the end of the day what works for others may not work for your unique situation. The best resource for increasing sales are the customers themselves. Figure out what they want and areas you can improve, and spend the New Year moving toward that goal. Companies that adapt to the changing demands of their demographics will see a 2019 that blows 2018 out of the water!


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