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5 Holiday Facebook Marketing Tips to Heighten Your Campaign

Holiday Facebook Marketing

The holiday season is drawing near, and this poses a major opportunity for businesses across numerous industries. It’s during this time of year when spending is at a high volume, whether it’s to purchase gifts for loved ones, cashing in on gift cards received from others, and the like. With such a high level of spending to be seen, it’s integral that businesses take advantage of every platform to maximize their marketing campaigns. This is where holiday Facebook marketing can prove useful, especially with the guidance of an experienced B2C or B2B digital marketing agency. With this in mind, here are 5 holiday Facebook marketing tips that will take your campaign to the next level.

5 Holiday Facebook Marketing Tips

1. Plan your holiday Facebook marketing campaigns ahead of time.

First, and foremost, plan your marketing strategy throughout the holiday season. This may go without saying, of course, but every business owner will have unique goals for the holidays. To expand upon us, imagine that you are the owner of an ecommerce company. In this instance, your primary goal will likely be to yield as many on-site transactions as possible. Many users may not complete their transactions, which is where Facebook retargeting comes into play. An email coupon or even a general message alerting users to their abandoned shopping cart pages can make a notable difference. Even before you make the first technical step, plan out your efforts, as this will make rolling out your first campaign that much more seamless.

2. Develop your website for optimization purposes.

It’s important to note that holiday Facebook marketing efforts don’t stop and end at Facebook itself. In other words, other platforms can be easily integrated into this strategy. Case and point, your website should be optimized for this purpose, allowing you to not only generate the utmost traffic but track your campaigns. This is where the Facebook pixel comes into play. Essentially, the pixel is a piece of code that can be integrated into your website. With this code, you can keep track of your ongoing marketing efforts. This information helps with targeting ideal consumers and following up with leads, just to name a few features. The sooner that you implement the Facebook pixel, the better your results will be.

How to Market on Facebook During Holidays

3. Don’t overlook organic Facebook content.

Many of the best holiday Facebook marketing strategies utilize paid advertising options. Look no further than the litany of paid ads on the social media platform, designed for the purpose of catching the user’s attention and motivating them to complete a desired action. This isn’t to say that organic content should be overlooked, however; if anything, it has just as big of a role to play as the aforementioned paid options. Experiment with different types of organic content to see which ones yield the best results. Examples of organic content include client testimonials, user reviews, and general promotional material showcasing seasonal products and services. Keep organic content in mind when developing your holiday marketing campaigns.

4. Create an email list based on your ongoing campaigns.

Email marketing is another layer of holiday Facebook marketing to consider, too. One of the reasons for this is that you can easily reach out to previous clients, keeping them up to speed on the products and services you offer. This can be done in different ways via email, though newsletters are the most common. Newsletters provide content and news in streamlined fashion. In addition, they can be cosmetically developed with seasonality in mind, whether in regard to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other notable holidays during the tail end of 2022. The bigger your email is, the more efficient your email marketing efforts will be during the holiday season.

5. When in doubt, consult an expert.

Even with the aforementioned pointers in mind, you may still be lost on where to take your holiday Facebook marketing efforts next. Rest easy, however, as you’re not going to be without help. There exists a bevy of marketing experts that help clients reach their goals, both short and long-term. To frame this, if you’re a Long Island business owner ramping up their advertising efforts throughout the holiday season, consider working alongside a New York online marketing company. They will help you best leverage Facebook, allowing you to receive high-quality traffic, leads, and sales alike through to the end of the 2022 holiday season.

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