A Golden Age of Independents? How Social Media Can Help Creators

Nov 15, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

As an amateur writer of comics, prose, and articles I know how hard it is to get my work published. While I still am going to fight like crazy to break into the more mainstream fields, I know that it is an up-mountain battle. However, I do find myself extremely lucky to live in this era. Social media has brought a ton of platforms for amateur creators to get their work seen by not only the general public, but professionals in the industries you are hoping to break into. Here, we will discuss just how you as a would-be writer, artist, composer or creator can utilize social media to get your work out there.

There are several websites like Deviant Art that can be used to host your creations; whether it is artwork, writings, or anything else. These sites also allow other members to give comments and critiques of your work and advice on how to improve. As mentioned before, professionals tend to also have accounts on these sites for their own works. Again, it is all about getting your name out there!

Suppose you want to create directly. You don’t want to pray and hope an industrial professional happens to spot your work on some website and have mercy on you. You want to have a physical copy of your work, but you lack the money to produce quality copies. Fear not! Unique forms of funding have begun to appear online.

Check out Kickstarter for example. These sites allow creators to propose their projects directly to everyday people. Funding comes through pledges from people interested in the project. I have seen so many creative projects (even pledging to some of them), ranging from short films, graphic novels and even video games!

Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you not only can begin a small network of fellow amateur creators. Not only that, but you can follow professionals who tend to post about their respectful industry, including publishing contests, advice, and such. I myself would never have learned about a talent search that I’m currently working on an entry if it was not for a professional writer Tweeting about it.

It used to be very difficult to get anywhere in the creative world. However, social media has opened up so many doors for independent creators to market their projects to a much larger audience. If you want to break into a creative industry that seemed like such a secluded club, I am imploring you to not give up on your dreams. I sure won’t!


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