We have a simple philosophy that drives our company.

Mission. Men. Me.

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Every day we watch our team come in on a mission. The drive to do great work for clients is a call we all have held before even being hired. It is innate in every team member – in fact it is the one characteristic we demand of every single team member. Greatness can not be paid for, it is from within. Our team is passionate – and proud. Our mission is simple – provide the best work possible. Everyday.

MEN (and women)

“That’s not my job”… Four words never spoken within our walls. Whether it is helping out a counterpart on a Friday to help them get home to their family a few hours earlier, sharing a new tool or client experience or volunteering to take on a challenge to help the company – our men (and women) always place helping each other before self. It sounds unbelievable but it is true – the unified team at fishbat is our greatest asset – and one that ensures our clients get the best of ALL of our talents.


Our strict “No ego policy” starts at the top. In fact, it is the very reason fishbat was founded. Three people with mutual respect for each other’s unique talents and a deep belief we would be better together created fishbat. Five plus years later that respect and commitment only grows.


Scott Darrohn has been creating SEO strategies since before it was called SEO. A serial entrepreneur, and traditional sales guru, Scott brings his decade long experience in building business through search engine optimization to our clients. From building his own businesses with SEO to helping countless clients realize their dream of being found by google, our clients LOVE working with Scott and the results his team delivers!


Clay Darrohn is a digital marketing and social media expert and has been growing brands for almost 20 years using both traditional marketing outlets such as radio, television and broadcast media as well as digital technologies. After 15 years with industry giants like Cox and Likeable Media, Clay now utilizes his experience to lead our promotional team to help fishbat clients find themselves center stage in their industries.


Jennifer Calise is a true business consultant and brand development specialist. She takes GREAT pride and joy in guiding our clients in their brand development, business process development and marketing strategies. Jennifer’s experience has spanned global marketing efforts with industry giants such as Pepsi-Co, Mattel, and Beckman Coulter to 5 man start-ups.