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Case Study:  A Dive into Wellness

How fishbat increased the rate of scheduled appointments by 100% for Allied Physicians Group

The Results

Allied now dominates search results for their targeted keywords, increasing their overall traffic by over 250% as a result of having Allied rank on industry-leading keywords like “Pediatrician Near Me” and effectively creating an AdWords campaign that would capture the additional and the same organic keywords. According to the client, their practices are experiencing the largest growth ever and are receiving new patients at an unprecedented rate.

Targeted Keyword Traffic contributed to Record Revenue Numbers

Tripled website traffic resulted in a fourfold increase in revenue growth

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In less than 1 year, fishbat was able to develop an outreach strategy that supported Allied Physicians Group’s strategic goals and led to:

100% increase in
scheduled appointments

An average of 10,000 more
website visitors per month 

Organic traffic had a
62% engagement rate

Campaign Overview 

For this project, we knew we needed to incorporate an all-encompassing search strategy to dominate search engines from both an SEM and SEO standpoint.

Take a look at our objectives and how we outlined a strategic digital marketing plan.

marketing strategy

Our Objective

Allied Physician Group reached out to fishbat to increase their overall digital presence and increase new patient sign-ups for their pediatricians and allergists.

campaign strategy

Our Strategy

For SEM, we focused heavily on the geographic locations of the practices while having them rank organically for top-tier convertible keywords that would yield a high ROI.


About Allied Physicians Group

Allied is a private partnership of more than 150 dedicated physicians and 650 highly trained staff serving 180,000 patients in the greater New York area.