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Case Study:  A Deep Dive Into How fishbat Is Making Waves

How fishbat increased clicks by 308% for National Simplicity Day

A Deep Dive Into How We Are Making Waves


National Simplicity Day

The Results

Not only did this campaign strengthen our partnership with Clarity, but it also gained them enhanced traffic to their website which led to qualified leads and a happy executive team.


There was a 308% increase in clicks in just one month of rolling out the campaign which increased the amount of qualified leads.


The National Simplicity Day campaign also generated close to a half million impressions over one month alone. This was a direct result of brand awareness campaigns, which accounted for majority of those total impressions.

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Through the 4 month National Simplicity Day campaign, fishbat was able to support Clarity Benefits Solutions’ goals of increasing brand awareness by: 

Generating Over
1 Million Impressions

4161 Click Throughs

Facebook Fan Growth of 276% per month

160% Increase in Primary Website Traffic

10,000 Users Visiting Event Landing Page

Campaign Highlights

Through the 4 month National Simplicity Day campaign, fishbat was able to support Clarity Benefits Solutions’ goals of increasing brand awareness by generating over 1 million impressions, 4161 website click throughs, and increased Facebook fan growth by 276% per month.


Primary website traffic increased by 160% year over year and attracted approximately 10,000 users to a dedicated event landing page.

Campaign Overview 

Clarity came to us with a desire to enhance one of their strongest attributes: their love of simplicity. We wanted to demonstrate the power of simplicity by centering our campaign around National Simplicity Day, celebrated annually on July 12. We believed that by connecting the Clarity mission with this national holiday, we would generate content that could reach new audiences and establish a wider client base.

Take a look at the strategic process that helped us do it!

marketing strategy

Our Objective

For over 30 years, Clarity’s goal has been to use technology to simplify the administration of benefits, reduce costs and empower consumers. The National Simplicity Day campaign was a true testament to Clarity’s ability to put it’s mission statement on display as a promoter in ‘culture of health.’

campaign strategy

Our Strategy

With Clarity’s focus on being known for simplicity, fishbat increased brand awareness, impressions, engagement and followers by leveraging SEO, retargeting ads, website optimization, email nurtures and more. The high-level micro approach to the campaign ensured all details were considered when rolling out content, which ultimately contributed to the massive success of the National Simplicity Day campaign.

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