Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Shares 4 Reasons Office Culture is a Top Priority for Successful Companies

Jun 6, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Culture has become increasingly important in the workplace. It differentiates brands from the competition, aligns the workforce, and improves employee retention and productivity. Digital marketing agency, fishbat, shares four reasons office culture is a top priority for successful companies.

  1. Better employee retention High turn-over can be a real detriment to business growth. Starting over with new employees who lack the experience needed to work at their greatest potential and spending the money to train new employees impacts productivity, profit and loss, and client relationships. Office culture creates brand identity which helps employees to feel stable and trusting of the brand. It also helps employees to emotionally connect with the brand as well as their peers and supervisors, creating a more cohesive workforce. A clear culture expectation promotes better relations within the building, company, and with clients; it also minimizes HR issues and customer service issues, leading to a happier workforce that will stay with the company longer. This results in a highly- experienced team that will be more successful in driving results.
  2. Autonomy and an aligned workforce Culture and core values go hand in hand, so having that reference point for a company’s expectations of their employees helps individuals to operate intuitively and autonomously when dealing with clients or peers. Having a clear culture in place minimizes HR issues, energizes the team to increase productivity, and makes client interactions easier to navigate with a clear reference in place for how to represent the brand. Enabling employees to ask themselves whether or not something is in line with a company’s culture helps them to make decisions and work with more confidence autonomously.
  3. Longer work days Gone are the days of the Monday through Friday, nine to five work week. When employees need to spend more and more time on the job, it only makes sense to ensure that the time spent at work is as pleasant as possible. A clear office culture helps the team to be comfortable in their workplace and more dedicated to the brand and team which will make long work weeks and times of extra workload easier to bear.
  4. Differentiation A company’s culture can differentiate them from the competition regarding business acquisition as well as in talent recruitment. It’s easier to build a quality team when there is a clear and strong culture in place. Employees will recommend the job to others during hiring periods, and a desirable work environment will help potential quality employees to choose the brand over a competitor. The same goes for new business. When people look to utilize a brand, they consider more than just product, service, and price. Office culture says a lot about the company itself. When a brand cares about their people, it shows in the team’s quality of work, in outreach efforts, and reputation. If quality and care are reflected in those aspects of the business, it only stands to reason that the company is attentive to quality in how they will deal with customers and in the products and services they provide.

Office culture boosts employee dedication, productivity, and autonomy. It instills a unified vision in the team and drives higher quality work through retention. Office culture creates a brand personality for employees and clients to connect with and even helps to recruit talent that is well-matched for the business. In short, it’s a necessity in today’s business world for long-term growth. The only question left to ask is, what kind of culture will you create for your team?


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