Congrats Social World, We Did It! But what’s Next?

Apr 29, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Glasses up social world, we did it! Social media is an official norm within our personal lives along with our professional ones. Since this industry has gone main stream, there has been an integration of consumer and business and everyone is getting involved. This is terrific for the industry, yet along with the increased popularity comes a downside and some potential problems for social media specialists. The potential problem I am referring to is the traditional problem that faces many new industries upon receiving rapid popularity, which is the need to keep updating the industry to maintain the user’s attention. In social media the user’s attention span is maybe ten seconds, and if you don’t capture their attention within that time span, then they are moving onto the next page. What I am wondering about is, is what the next step for social media is? We have finally helped launch this industry into the everyday lives of hundred’s of million’s of people in just a few years. Now that the attention of the social world is focused on the industry, what will we do to hold that attention, and not let it slip away? Businesses like KLM have started giving bonuses to their fans who post about traveling with them. There is a popular video advertising the incentives floating around the social wire that goes into two and a half minutes of the benefits they offer for those who basically give them free promotion on their social networks. All in all it’s a pretty good way to get the word out about their business and still keep the industry moving forward. It sort of takes Foursquare to the next level, which may not be a game changer, but it’s buying the industry more time, which we desperately need. Just like how this industry was started, it is going to thrive off of fresh ideas. KLM has may have opened the door to something bigger. Even small companies can get involved with this as well. It’s going to come down to knowing what you can offer and keeping it involved within the world of social media. Let’s keep this industry alive and functioning, the era of social media is no where near its end!


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