Cosmetic Companies Being Beautified by Social Media

Apr 19, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

For decades beauty companies have prospered through print advertising. Glossy pages clad with flawless woman; their irises a bright, otherworldly hue and their lips a plump, unnatural shade of ruby. While this tactic has clearly worked, beauty companies are currently advancing to new approaches to boost their sales. Nowadays, print advertisements have been overshadowed by the great, wide world of social media.

While a print advertisement can prompt a reader to purchase a new lipstick, magazine ads can’t provide the kind of offers, photos, promises, and upcoming news that a social media website can. Companies like Revlon have opened up twitter accounts; using hash tags to promote new nail polish shades. You would be hard pressed to discover a beauty company without their very own Facebook page, complete with fans commenting with their own beauty tips.

Even cosmetic giants like Sephora have taken on this new strategy, allowing their massive business to grow with social media promoting them. Companies like Maybelline use their Facebook pages to provide their customers with exclusive coupons; the allure of saving money being enough to gain them new consumers.

Companies are even using newly popular sites like to take advantage of free advertising. Using Pinterest, companies can start contests in which users can re-pin imagines of their products for a chance to win giveaways. It’s a very one hand washes the other system and it works fantastically for these companies.

Social media has caused an explosion in an industry that has already been massively successful since its start. While this is certainly beneficial to the cosmetic industry, it seems that the mix between beauty and social media is also beneficial to the consumers as well. Isn’t it more enjoyable to purchase an item with a coupon that you received simply by liking a company on Facebook? This new vision of advertising appears to be beautifully beneficial to all.


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