Cruising the Internet: Is Blueseed the Utopian Answer for Entrepreneurs or a Pathway to Economic Ruin?

May 9, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

I recently read an article on Mashable about Blueseed, a ship funded by Pay-Pal billionaire Peter Thiel, which will house over a hundred starter companies, protecting them from the laws that restrict them. Immediately I thought of Jurassic Park and if memory serves me, things didn’t end very well for Dr. Hammond. A vast ship on the digital horizon might be the future of starter companies around the globe but what does that mean? What restrictions will these starter companies be free from that might negatively affect those off of the ship? With no restriction, what will these companies be free to do and how far will they go?

If this behemoth internet cafe becomes a reality, what is to stop other billionaires from following suit? Why wouldn’t a factory owner want to set up shop on the border of the Pacific shoreline? What environmental drawbacks will be encountered from a ship that mass produces phones? There are a multitude of benefits that a company owner can partake in from such a business environment but there are other employers that might take advantage of the lack of boundaries. While we all want to see the silver lining of a great idea, one cannot ignore the storm that follows.

The floating island of technology is impressive, which I cannot deny, but I can’t help but wonder if the Libertarian views of billionaires are tools for economic destruction. With the rising prices of products within our own borders, excessive outsourcing and illegal immigration, will this utopia stink up the water or bring a better way of life to the masses? The ship is still an idea for the online community to sink their teeth into but I hope the creamy middle isn’t sour.


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