Does Social Media lead to a Smarter Consumer?

May 17, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Many of my marketing classes throughout college hammered home the point that the average consumer will often make quick and uninformed decisions. It’s often believed that the average consumer is “stupid”-This isn’t true.

I am the average consumer. You, the reader, are the average consumer. I don’t think I’m stupid and I hope you don’t think you’re stupid. Consumers are more informed than ever because social media and the rest of the Internet have made it easier for consumers to research products before they make a purchase.

Are you interested in buying a new television? Hop on or and read some reviews of TVs in your price range. You can see which TV offers you the most for your money and also see if previous owners have had any problems with that particular model. You no longer have to walk into a store and make your decision based on what the salesman is telling you, which is good because the salesman is probably more interest in his commission than in selling you the right television.

Social media and the rest of the Internet have made it very easy for consumers to educate themselves, but it is important to be on the lookout for false information. Use sites that you know are reliable and take any information your friends are sending out on Facebook or any other social media platform with a grain of salt.


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