Don’t Knock Social Media: It’s More Beneficial Than You Think

Jun 11, 2013 -- Posted by : admin

It seems like social media sites either receive great reviews or horrible reviews—there’s no in between. Critics cite Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the causes for poor social skills in children and adults. They also say social media produces false information and it’s the cause for people losing focus at work.

Now, while some of the arguments hold validity, social media sites deserve a little more credit. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have brought people together in times of need. After the Oklahoma tornados, a Facebook group was set up to help victims get their belongings back. This enabled people to not only locate belongings, but find pictures and help each other out during this tragedy. This wasn’t the first time Facebook was used to help people during natural disasters after the after math of hurricane sandy it was beneficial for raising money for victims who lost their home.

Social media has also been beneficial for all types of events as well. Think about all of the marathons you’ve ever heard of, or raced in. Most of these fundraisers’ were linked to social media marketing. Media sites were essential in giving vital information to participants, like where the fundraiser was taking place and the time.

What’s great about social media sites is you can target a large amount of people in a very short period of time. They give you the availability to keep people informed at all times, and this can be great for directors in charge of any organization or fundraiser. The fact that social media marketing sites can target a mass amount of people in a very short period of time gives you the ability to make a large profit since you are able to advertise on such a large scale.

While social media has been noted for causing procrastination, it’s also been largely beneficial in the work place. According to the Society Of Human Resource Management, social media “facilitates open communication, leading to enhanced information discovery and delivery.” This creates a free-flow environment where everyone is informed about what’s going on. It enables ideas to be flow more freely and builds a better community in a work setting. Not only that it enables companies do a lot of research on what their competitors are doing as far as how they are targeting their audiences and consumers. It becomes a great resource in that sense, because it puts smaller companies on the map and let them compete

Work groups can also be made on Facebook. These groups create a friendly atmosphere for all employees and can keep them up to date on staff events and staff gatherings. Obviously, there should be some caution when using these groups, but they are efficient communication tools. They also create a sense of belonging since everyone is being taken accounted for.

Social media has become quite integrated in our lives and in many ways has revolutionized how businesses do things. In many aspects, the influence of social media has connected us all and we can now accomplish more goals than ever before. Hopefully in time some of the kinks critics bash will be worked out. This way we can take this social media marketing to new horizons.


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