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Full Service Email Marketing Agency: What They Bring to The Table

Are you considering working with an email marketing agency to help you launch, manage, or revamp an email marketing campaign? If you have the budget, enlisting the help of those who know and specialize in email marketing is a great idea! In this post, we look at what an email marketing agency brings to the table—that is, what they offer and how you’ll benefit.

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Are you considering working with an email marketing agency to help you launch, manage, or revamp an email marketing campaign? If you have the budget, enlisting the help of those who know and specialize in email marketing is a great idea! In this post, we look at what an email marketing agency brings to the table—that is, what they offer and how you’ll benefit.

Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

Strategic Planning Abilities

Email marketing is a valuable online marketing tool. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that for every $1 invested, you can expect a return of $48.1 A good email marketing agency can help you come up with an effective email marketing strategy for your business that leads to a fantastic return on investment (ROI).

An email marketing service provider also has the expertise necessary to personalize your messages, segment your subscribers, send mobile-friendly emails, automate email campaigns, and more. In addition, they will help you align your goals with key metrics—an extremely important part of email marketing that cannot be skipped.

For example, if your goal is to attract more visitors, an email marketing agency will focus on your subscriber list growth rate. If your goal is lead generation, they will focus on developing and sending lead generation content.

Knowledge of Latest Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing agencies invest time and money into staying current. They’ll have knowledge of the latest email marketing trends and they’ll know how to use them.

For instance, the mailable microsite is trending and many companies are looking to incorporate this strategy into their email marketing campaigns. With the mailable microsite, users can interact with an email interface within the inbox. This technique helps businesses to retain clients by bringing a more engaging approach to content and is a feature that an email marketing agency will know how to set you up with.

Knowledge of Email Marketing Regulations

Email marketing is subject to certain rules and regulations. For example, the CAN-SPAM Act has strict rules for commercial email marketing and tough penalties for violators.2 An email marketing agency providing managed email marketing services will be up to date on all the necessary email marketing practices. They will ensure that your campaigns are above board and help protect your business from being blacklisted due to violations of email marketing laws.

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Help Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

Email service agencies can help you select the best email service provider (ESP) for your business, and they will setup the account configuration, email list segmentation, and reporting for you.

A full-service email marketing agency will also act as a consultant that’s capable of providing expert guidance. This consultant-client relationship can be incredibly valuable if you’re new to the world of ESPs or if you are transitioning to a different email platform because it ensures you receive the guidance you need.

Help Integrating Other Marketing Elements

An email marketing agency can integrate other marketing elements such as social media, landing pages, and your business website, into your email marketing campaign to maximize its effectiveness. This type of integration can be powerful. It drives recipients to open emails, click on your content, and act.

Businesses that partner with an email marketing agency tend to enjoy open rates that are higher than the national average and that’s partly because of this expertly executed integration.

The integration of additional marketing messages and sites can also help you to identify key influencers. An email marketing agency will analyze the results of your email marketing campaign and note those who shared your emails more often. This data can then be used to enhance your email marketing campaign or start an influencer campaign—all tactics an email marketing agency can help you execute.

Copywriting Expertise

An experienced email marketing agency has been in the industry long enough to know how to write emails that get opened. For example, they know which subject lines get higher open rates. This copywriting expertise is essential because 33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone and 69% report emails as spam based on the subject line.3

Email marketing agencies have mastered the craft of how to leverage human tendencies and psychological principles. They combine this knowledge with timing to know when to use the fear of missing out, urgency, offers, cool stories, humor, relevance, and name recognition to increase your email open rates.

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Expert ROI Analysis

Email marketing firms will measure the success of your email campaign to find out what worked and what needs to be improved. They will also present the data in a way that’s useful and meaningful to you. This makes it easier for you to understand and leverage your results. For example, you can use your email marketing agency’s analysis to help your sales team qualify more leads. Also, having the email marketing agency’s analysis makes it easier for you to streamline your marketing efforts by removing, or further segmenting, inactive subscribers/recipients, saving time and money—of course, your email marketing agency can take of this for you too.

Specialized Skills in Email Marketing Management

Email marketing agencies provide high quality output because their specialization has led to the development of expertise. They know email marketing best practices and trends inside and out, and they possess a vast knowledge of what reaps better results in an email campaign.

Hiring a good email marketing agency means you enjoy the benefits of working with the experts—experts who have specialized skills and abilities you don’t have. An email marketing agency will save time by handling the management of your email marketing campaign, so you can focus on running your company or department.

Getting Started with a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

Working with a full-service email marketing agency has many benefits. If you’ve decided to give it a go and you’re ready to partner with an agency, here’s what you want to do next.

Search the internet—if you are in New York, you’ll want to search email marketing agency NY and check out the options available to you. Narrow down your top choices and schedule a consult with each.

Be ready to share your goals, your past experiences with email marketing, and what you’d like to accomplish moving forward. Once you find an email marketing agency that will be a good fit for you and your business, you’ll be way ahead of your competition!


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