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Increase Exposure and Develop Your Brand with a Healthcare Marketing Agency

Healthcare is a unique industry to which legislative changes have only added complexity. In this sea of constant change, it’s hard to develop a brand or increase exposure. But, it is possible. You just need to know where to start and who to reach out to for help. Read on to learn if a healthcare marketing agency is right for your company.

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Healthcare is a unique industry to which legislative changes have only added complexity. In this sea of constant change, it’s hard to develop a brand or increase exposure. But, it is possible. You just need to know where to start and who to reach out to for help. Read on to learn if a healthcare marketing agency is right for your company.

4 Ways to Use a Healthcare Advertising Agency for Brand Development

1. Brand Strategy

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, so there’s a lot of opportunity to create a brand that stands out. A healthcare advertising agency can help you create a strong brand. From research and strategy to execution, they bring full-service capabilities to the table. For example, organizations at the beginning of the branding or rebranding process benefit from their healthcare marketing agency’s auditing capabilities. A comprehensive assessment of competitors will highlight opportunities for differentiation. They also benefit from their marketing agency’s ability to survey employees and customers to identify brand impressions. It’s important to know how your organization is perceived so that you can improve your brand.

2. Brand Positioning and Identity

Healthcare organizations really need to pay attention to their brand positioning and identity because consumers are becoming savvy. Any organization that’s perceived to be outdated will struggle to lead their field. Mobile healthcare apps, 24/7 availability for virtual doctor appointments, online patient management portals are all expected. If you aren’t letting people know that you offer these things or advertising that you offer top-of-the-line healthcare, you’re already in the process of being forgotten. A healthcare marketing firm will help your organization to define or re-define its purpose and mission. From there, they’ll guide you in the development of core messages that articulate your brand and set you apart.

3. Brand Activation and Reputation Management

Once you’re ready to roll out your new or updated brand, you can count on the expertise of a healthcare digital marketing agency. Your core competency is healthcare. It’s what you do best. A healthcare marketing agency’s core competency are branding, public relations, online marketing, traditional advertising, and reputation management. It can be very helpful to put your brand in the hands of expert marketers. You get all the benefits you intended to achieve through a re-brand while focusing on what you do best. Plus, after your brand is activated, you can rely on an agency to monitor your audiences’ reactions and manage your reputation so that your goals continue to be achieved.

4. Exposure

Besides branding, a healthcare marketing agency can also help with exposure. You want more people to find out about you, so you can grow your business, outpace the competition, and increase profits. A healthcare marketing firm can help make that vision a reality by developing your web presence, increasing your visibility online, and bridging your offline marketing strategies with your online ones.

6+ Tasks a Healthcare Marketing Agency Can Take Care Of

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Most healthcare organizations have some sort of internal marketing team, even if it’s an office manager, brand ambassador, or physician liaison. But, unlike a marketing agency, those people are usually not a jack of all trades when it comes to sales and marketing. A digital marketing agency can support your plans to develop your brand and increase your exposure by executing ALL day-to-day tasks that are part of brand strategy, positioning, and activation.

Here’s a quick list of ways a healthcare marketing agency can help:

1. Search Engine Optimization

If you need to build your visibility online, an agency can perform all the tasks associated with strengthening your domain and getting your company to show up in search results. From keyword research to content creation and promotion, outsourcing these tasks will save you a lot of time. You’ll also get better results.

2. Website Development

Have an outdated website? Need to re-fresh your digital “home base” as part of your brand development strategy? Marketing agencies can refresh your website, improving functionality, user experience, aesthetics, and more.

3. Email Marketing

Want to stay in touch with consumers or other business partners? Let an agency develop and execute an email marketing campaign that supports your brand initiatives and reflects your core messages.

4. Social Media Management

There’s a wealth of opportunity for healthcare organizations that excel at marketing through social media. If you want to strengthen your brand in today’s digital age, you really need to be leveraging social media to the max. Outsourcing that aspect of your marketing to a healthcare marketing agency helps to ensure you’re leading the pack online.

5. Professional Blogging Services

Blogs instantly boost an organization’s credibility. For healthcare organizations, they’re also an excellent way to help your target audience with their healthcare needs. The average blog post takes about 2-3 hours to write and most businesses will need to publish at least two blog posts per week. That’s a lot of time. Letting a marketing agency that’s knowledgeable about your industry create, curate, and manage your blog can be very helpful.

6. Print Materials

Need graphics developed that are consistent with your brand? Advertising agencies are experts in creating marketing materials with your business principles in mind. They’ll create jaw-dropping designs for a variety of purposes, making sure your organization always stands apart from and above the crowd.

Plus, Way More…Just Ask!

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The beauty of healthcare marketing agencies is they run the gamut on what they can do for you. Most, if not all, do way more than what we’ve mentioned, and they’re no stranger to customizing strategies to individual clients.

So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for or you want to talk about acquiring their help in a different way, you’ll want to reach out and ask.

But watch out—not all healthcare marketing agencies are created equal. You want one with an excellent track record that understands your business needs.

Reliability Meets Expertise

Fishbat is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in assisting those in the healthcare industry. Well-versed in branding, B2B digital marketing programs, website development, SEO, social media management, and much, much more, they have the expertise and dependability you need for projects that have a big impact on your operations, profitability, and future. Learn more about how Fishbat can help today.

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