Is Pinterest Creating Fantasy Worlds?

Apr 27, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

After studying Pinterest, in all its addicting glory, I’ve discovered that the site entirely dwells in the realm of fantasy. As I look at my own Pinterest, with pinboards titled “Wedding Wishes” and “For the Home”, it’s obvious that I’m using this site to create a dreamy, imaginary world for myself; a life I can only hope to achieve but most likely never will. Which should be depressing, to be pinning all the things I pine for but can never gain, and yet I find the entire act rather relaxing. In my “Oh the Places You’ll Go” board I can merely click on photos of the cavernous caves of Greece or the gorgeously winding streets of Paris and feel blissful by the visions. Still when I see the boards of other Pinterest users, all dwelling on fantasy, I can’t help but believe that Pinterest is a site that allows us to create our dream life.

The dream of homeownership is daunting enough as is, and many are fully aware of how delicate their budgets are, but there is still an entire section of Pinterest dedicated to ways to decorate your home. Pinners dreamily click away at the high ceilings and spiral staircases that they are hopeful will fill their own homes one day.

Wedding planning is made far easier by the organization made possible by and brides take advantage of this tool. But it doesn’t stop at brides, as my single friends and I can attest, and obsessing over your future ceremony is an entirely popular craze on the website, whether you have a diamond on your ring finger or not. I find myself wildly pinning all my hopes for a future wedding. While I’m only 22, I can certainly dream and dream I shall on this website. Why shouldn’t I know what color my bridesmaids should wear? I could argue that I’m simply preparing myself. Yet I must admit I’m swinging through a fantasy world. While yes, I can pin all the extravagant wedding dresses I want. That doesn’t mean I can afford them. Same goes for the diamonds I pin that are surely out of my boyfriend’s budget. I could never afford the wedding I’ve created online, I know this, but it’s entirely addicting to pretend.

The beauty section of Pinterest, while inspiring, is typically an incredibly difficult collection of intricate braids and daunting nail art. While many women would adore to be able to create waterfall braids in their own hair, the tutorials Pinterest provides usually leaves the average woman’s hands cramping and her hair the same as before. Many people pin beautifully elaborate nail designs and while it would be great to achieve such gorgeous nails, it’s usually simply a fantasy.

From what I understand, not many people actually DIY the DIYs that they pin. I have a whole board dedicated to the bracelets and scarves that I’ll make, but while the information is valuable I never find myself taking advantage of actually making these things. Again, I’m created a whole world of “what ifs”. The same can be said for the wonderfully delectable dishes the site serves up. Recipe upon recipe on nearly everything is represented on the website. It’s a fantastic way to think of dinner ideas but some recipes are far too overwhelming for the average pinner. On Pinterest a person can pin something they’d love to create, but can they really create it?

There is no doubt that Pinterest is a fantastic social media website. I can admit that there are several things I have learned from being a member, from creating the perfect braided headband to baking delicious Fruity Pebbles cupcakes. Still, the website allows more features than simply being able to organize the things you find funny. It allows people to escape their daily lives into a world where fantasy thrives. Furthermore, it creates goals and organizes your ability to achieve them. Maybe I can’t afford the lavish wedding dress or high ceilings right now, maybe you can’t either, but being able to pin these images to your own pinboards gives you a chance to set your own goals and build your own dreams.


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