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Online Marketing Company, fishbat, Weighs in on Social Media as a Crime Fighting Tool After a Recent Article from CNN

​Online marketing company, fishbat, praises the use of social media as a tool for investigation to catch criminals.

Online marketing company, fishbat, praises the use of social media as a tool for investigation to catch criminals.

Bohemi, NY- August 30, 2012

According to a recent CNN article, social media has been used in several instances to catch wanted felons across the country. The use of Facebook helped investigators catch murder suspect Melvin Colon in Manhattan, New York on August 10. When authorities were granted permission to look through Colon’s profile through a Facebook friend, they found a number of incriminating activities such as pictures of him posing with gang signs, as well as posts referencing past crimes, reports CNN. The use of social media also assisted law enforcement in capturing criminals from a variety of cities including Cincinnati and East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

In a survey of 1,221 local, state and federal law enforcement officials, CNN reported that 67 percent believe the use of social media has helped solved cases more quickly. 87 percent of the time, search warrants that used social media as the primary cause for a search held up in court when challenged. In addition, CNN states that of the 402 people that believed social media didn’t help cases more quickly, 70 percent said the reason was because they did not have access or didn’t have enough background to use it.

Justin Maas, VP of Client Relations Justin Maas at fishbat, Inc. commented on law enforcement using social media to catch criminals., “Social media has provided a platform for people to share whatever is going on in their lives. This includes posting statuses bragging about your latest criminal activity. Police have caught on and are using criminals bragging to their advantage.” VP Maas adds that, “As long as police follow the proper procedures I support the use of social media to catch criminals.”

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