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Press Release: As Social Media Mobile Marketing Increases Amongst Small Businesses, Digital Marketing Agency fishbat Reacts to Rising Figures

​Digital marketing agency fishbat reacts to the rising figures of social media spending and mobile marketing strategies among small businesses.

Digital marketing agency fishbat reacts to the rising figures of social media spending and mobile marketing strategies among small businesses.

On November 23, social media agency fishbat reacts to the rising spending figures of small businesses that use social media and their adopted strategies utilizing mobile marketing platforms.

According to eWeek, advertising and promotional costs have not increased but rather shifted to social media use amongst small businesses. The article explains that this shift in marketing strategy reflects the rising use of social media from 2011 to the present 2012 quarter.

“While total annual spending on advertising and promotion remained flat at around $3,000 for the previous 12 months, SMBs are locating more of their marketing dollars to digital presence assets,” BIA/Kelsey director of research Steve Marshall said in a statement to eWeek. “From Web presence and mobile websites to social media, small businesses are building deeper and broader engagement with customers across a range of digital presence platforms.”

Reported by eWeek, “[a]n August report from the SMB Group found that while the overall use of social media has risen year-over-year to 53 percent from 44 percent among small businesses (with 1 to 99 employees) and grown to 63 percent from 52 percent among midsize businesses (100 to 999 employees), the gap is widening between small and midsize businesses that are using social media in an informal, ad hoc manner and those taking a more planned, strategic approach.”

“This increase in social media use among smaller businesses displays the shift of advertising strategy,” comments Nick Renna Social Media Strategy Manager at fishbat. “The number of users on any given social media platform is steadily increasing and businesses who fail to make the transition are practicing poor strategy.”

Renna reacts to mobile marketing positively stating, “Utilizing every tool in the tool box is never a bad idea. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook was taking a more mobile user approach with their 1 billion users. If more and more users are using social media on smartphones, small businesses are making a wise investment in their marketing strategy.”

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