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Press Release: fishbat, an Online Marketing Firm, Reacts to Starbucks Use of Social Media to Attract Job Applicants

​With a push for continued expansion, social media agency reacts to coffee giant Starbucks as it turns to places like Facebook to appeal to job candidates and partners.

With a push for continued expansion, social media agency reacts to coffee giant Starbucks as it turns to places like Facebook to appeal to job candidates and partners.

On November 17, social media agency fishbat comments on an article published by the Dayton Business Journal which reports that with continued global expansion on the horizon, Starbucks makes use of a new system to help job seekers utilize their social media connections, and ultimately land a job with the growing company. fishbat responds to Starbucks’ new Web-savvy approach to hiring.

In a Dayton Business Journal article, it’s revealed that Starbucks has adopted a new system called Branch Out that is “aimed at helping job seekers take advantage of their extensive social media connections to help them find a job.” According to the article, this comes at the heels of Starbucks’ announcement that it will be opening 1,300 new stores globally in the coming year.

“I think it’s wise that a company as pronounced as Starbucks take advantage of social media to aid them in the hiring process,” comments Nick Renna, Social Media Strategy Manager for social media agency fishbat. “Enough people have heard of them, but to make the company appear more personable by appealing to their established fan base and doing it in a way that’s palatable and relevant, that makes it a smart step forward.”

According to a report by TechFlash, the people that access the Starbucks job app online are directed to a wealth of information including open positions based on location, and uploaded video content that depicts what working for the coffee company is like, along with a list of work benefits. The article reports that this information is all made available within the bounds of the Starbucks’ Facebook page, which relies on word-of-mouth and information sharing to drum up attention for the company, and is part of its social media marketing efforts.

Sara Parker, a Starbucks employee who works on the company’s employment brand team, told TechFlash that the coffee company wants to make it simple for its employees to share available positions with their Facebook friends, while effectively tapping into the 32 million users who “Like” Starbucks on the popular social media site.

“We’re constantly looking at how we can be innovative to attract great talent,” Parker said in a statement.

In addition to Facebook, the Dayton Business Journal also reports that Starbucks continues to promote hiring by posting jobs on other social media sites, including Twitter and LinkedIn, adding that Starbucks even has an Instagram page.

“When used correctly, online destinations like Twitter and Facebook can help small and large businesses do many great things,” says Renna. “Whether you’re looking to grow your brand, advertise your services to a broader base, or simply make people aware of company events and announcements, these social media tools are readily at your disposal and they can be very effective in promoting your message.”

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