Press Release: Online Marketing Company fishbat Acknowledges the Wikipedia Photo Contest, Known As Wiki Loves Monuments 2012

Sep 8, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Online Marketing Company fishbat Acknowledges the Wikipedia Photo Contest, Known As Wiki Loves Monuments 2012

Wikipedia has opened a contest called Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, which encourages photographers to take pictures of monuments for the website to utilize. Online marketing firm fishbat responds to the contest details and community response.

September 9, 2012

Bohemia, NY – Wikipedia announced its annual photo contest that the website claims will be “the largest in the world.” The contest in question is titled Wiki Loves Monuments 2012. According to, the object of said contest is to photograph monuments “of historical and cultural relevance.”

According to the article on Mashable’s website, photos that were submitted would be brought onto the Wikimedia Commons page under a free license so that Wikipedia itself can use them later on. The contest would continue until mid-October, at which time a selection of ten finalists would be chosen amongst the photographers who entered. This contest would be the third annual competition of the series, which began in the Netherlands in 2010.

The Wiki Loves Monument 2011 contest resulted in 5,000 volunteers entering and over 168,000 photos sent to the Wikimedia Commons page. As a result, there are expectations to meet during this year’s contest. “Given the large increase in participating countries this year,” said Matthew Roth in a Wikimedia Foundation blog post, “organizers are hopeful that up to 10,000 volunteers will participate and will contribute hundreds of thousands of photos to the commons.”

“Wikipedia is already such a big name,” said Justin Maas, Vice President of Client Relations at fishbat, Inc., an online marketing company. “However, they are always looking to innovate. In this case they are expanding their horizons by allowing individuals to get involved in the creative process, through photography. I expect this year’s contest to be larger than last year’s.”

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