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Press Release: Online Marketing Company fishbat Encourages CEOs to Explore Social Media

​Online marketing company fishbat discuses the growing necessity for chief executives to use social media as a way to inspire, engage and share information with employees and followers.

Online marketing company fishbat discuses the growing necessity for chief executives to use social media as a way to inspire, engage and share information with employees and followers.

On June 4, online marketing company fishbat discusses how business leaders are using social media more frequently to share company news, and communicate with employees and customers.

According to an article published by Forbes, a study conducted by Weber Shandwick reported a 30 percent increase in CEO engagement worldwide, over the past two years. The article says engagement grew from 36 percent to 66 percent. The same study found that 76 percent of international executives favor social media engagement, due to the advantages in exchanging news and information.

Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, says social platforms are also able to shape a company’s image, as well as efficiently connect with employees, customers and other key individuals.

The article lists some ways CEO’s can use social media to their advantage.

  • Use to collect and gather ideas to build business: Social data is becoming more valuable as companies use this information to understand how their products can better serve consumers. “Social listening centers” are now used as platforms to centralize ideas, opinions and suggestions to make a company better suited for stakeholders and customers.
  • Be your own spokesperson: Social media allows an individual to construct and control their personal narrative. Now that, “all companies are now media companies,” chief executives can choose social media outlets that fit their organization’s interests, needs and perspectives.
  • Think before acting: Social media gives people the ability to make private thoughts and actions public. While it’s easier to share and connect our ideas with others the article says it could be “tricky for CEOs to engage in social media.” Maas says CEOs need to mind the type of information they release to the public.

CEO’s are starting to warm up to social media and its benefits, Maas says. “More and more chief executives are beginning to recognize social media’s widespread influence across all industries,” he says. “It is hard to hold power or create an impact without a social media presence. Executives are realizing their authority and voice will diminish if they do not capitalize on this opportunity.”

Maas predicts that the rise in CEO social media awareness will be good for business. “Online marketing companies can help executive’s better use social media venues,” he says.

Social media also allows consumers to engage with companies and provide feedback on how companies can better cater to their needs. Maas says, “Social media has transferred power to the consumer. Consumers are not just buying a product, but becoming followers. A consumer’s experience does not end at the point of purchase and executives can continue consumer engagement with social media channels.”

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