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Press Release: Online Marketing Company, fishbat, Inc., Comments on Google Surpassing Facebook in Digital Display Advertising

​fishbat, Inc. responds to a report by that states that Google is becoming a larger advertising medium than Facebook.

fishbat, Inc. responds to a report by that states that Google is becoming a larger advertising medium than Facebook.

Bohemia, NY – On October 4, 2012, online marketing company fishbat Inc., weighs in on the article that states that Google is beating Facebook in the “war” of digital display advertising.

A news article by elaborates on Google’s current lead over Facebook with advertising, stating that they have now become the most dominant company in terms of display ads, video ads and other forms of digital interactive advertising. As the article reports, Google’s display ad revenue is at about $2.31 billion while Facebook’s sits at $2.16 billion. This coincides with Google taking steps to dominate all aspects of online marketing while Facebook lags behind in some regards, including digital display ads.

Justin Maas, VP of Client Relations at fishbat Inc., said, “While Facebook is a widespread social media network that can connect many people and businesses, Google still remains at the top of the list because of how versatile it is. Google has been dominant in all forms of advertising, whether search-based ads or display ads, for a while. It’s hard for even a social media platform as considerable as Facebook to keep up with Google.”

fishbat Inc., which makes use of both Google and Facebook platforms for its internet marketing and advertising services, praises both companies’ efforts to provide efficient advertising for businesses. “The goal for any business using social media is to advertise themselves and maintain a brand presence. Both Facebook and Google excel at providing this service,” says Maas. “Google may be pulling through because of other partners it’s acquired, but both services are essential to the common business looking to expose itself through display advertising in the digital world.”

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