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Press Release: Web Marketing Agency, fishbat, Inc., Supports The Testing of a “Want” Button on Facebook

​fishbat, Inc. comments on an article by Reuters regarding Facebook teaming up with retailers to test a “Want” button.

fishbat, Inc. comments on an article by Reuters regarding Facebook teaming up with retailers to test a “Want” button.

On October 12th, 2012, web marketing agency fishbat Inc., responds to an article about Facebook testing a “Want” button to complement the “Like” button.

A recent article by Alexei Oreskovic of Reuters reported that Facebook is joining retailers in efforts to test a “Want” option to promote their products and let users create “wish lists.” According to Oreskovic, the users can choose products that they are interested in and they will appear right on their page for their friends to see. Oreskovic adds that Facebook is attempting to get involved in e-commerce, as their users will be able to directly shop online from their site.

Oreskovic reports, “The feature, which Facebook has dubbed Collections, could help Facebook play a bigger role in the online commerce market by encouraging its 1 billion users to buy products for their friends and by sending shoppers directly to online stores.”

Sida Li, VP of Internal Operations commented on the article stating, “fishbat, which specializes in social marketing, supports this feature because it will help companies gain more exposure for their products in addition to having their own Facebook pages.” Li continues, adding, “Businesses can find their target markets, which will be directed to their websites to purchase their products. Lastly, Facebook will not receive any bonus when an item that is on someone’s wish list is purchased.”

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