Building a website is only half the process.

fishbat's SEO can make sure it's not your best kept secret.

  • Gain more traffic from your target market
  • Increase your leads, sales and brand visibility
  • Identify new market and growth opportunities
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    “Our SEO traffic is now up over 400% since you guys started. Thanks!”

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    Most SEO companies only talk technical.

    We think like business owners. Our strategy focuses on markets, message and deep SEO knowledge – so you get both business & technical savvy in your SEO program

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    “SEO leads close at a 15% higher rate than referrals, paid search, and outbound leads."

    fishbat provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, demonstrating to its clients how to capitalize on the immense market potential provided by creating a comprehensive global and general online presence and search engine optimization marketing program.

    What is search engine optimization, pay per click, link building and search engine marketing?

    SEO is the process by which websites are created to ensure they are “found” by Internet searches on websites such as Google, Bing, etc. fishbat’s wide range of experience and expertise will show your company how to optimize these search engine results to ensure that your website garners primary positioning on leading search engines, gaining exposure for your company while bringing in new customers. The primary goal for SEO is to get more visitors to your website. However, getting visitors to view your website is just the beginning, as the ultimate goal for your business is to increase revenue and sales. fishbat will optimize your website for conversions, not just to get more visitors.

    SEO Strategy

    Our professionals will perform a comprehensive website analysis and design a customized plan to drive more traffic to your site, so you can create more leads and higher sales volume. fishbat’s comprehensive program includes organic search engine marketing (i.e. ensuring your text and content is found during a web user’s search) or pay-per-click services, which offer companies the ability to purchase the rights to certain search terms, increasing their visibility on the Internet. By understanding your company’s specific needs and goals, fishbat will create a custom search engine marketing and optimization program that will drive both your top and bottom lines, positioning you for a continued growth of your customer base.

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    Search Engine Marketing and Optimization services include:

    Our In-House Blogging takes a more customizable and personal approach. Clients have the option of either producing their own blogs or utilizing fishbat’s talented writing staff to generate articles on clients’ behalves. In either case, fishbat blog editors are assigned to ensure proper grammar and relevant content before they appear on clients’ sites.

    Our In-House Blogging program features:

    Web Page Diagnostics
    Keyword Analysis
    Competitive Targeting
    Submission of web page to specialized search engines
    Customized page descriptions
    Spider Engagement Management
    Consulting and Training
    Link Building
    Pay per – click services
    Local Search Engine

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    79% of search engine users say they always/frequently click on the natural search results.

    SEO Case Studies

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