We understand bad reviews hurt.

You google your name and read a really crushing review you do not feel you deserve.

You realize 89% of people will not do business with a company they read a negative review about.

We understand that online reputation and google results can sometimes be really frustrating. We love seeing our client's reputations making a comeback on google. We can help your company be on the first page of google for what you want your clients to see...and nothing you don't.

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“88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations.”

– Search Engine Land


There's no way in the modern age that your business is not impacted by your online presence. It can make or break your reputation. Improving your online presence can show you are a better, more progressive business than your competitor.

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Reputation management is everything to a company. A sound reputation can take years to build, and only moments to destroy. Unintentional missteps, disgruntled former employees, and vengeful business competitors can all contribute to less than stellar online reputations. Furthermore, the long reach and instant communication that the Internet grants means reputations can be compromised before the victim even perceives a threat.

Utilizing a multi-tiered approach, while incorporating the strengths of their search engine optimization and social media departments, fishbat helps to protect their clients’ online reputations. We then preserve the positive stature our clients establish by ensuring that future attacks will be unsuccessful. As a full service marketing firm, fishbat makes thorough use of our formidable resources when combating a slanderous attack.

"Nearly 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 39% do so on a regular basis”

– Search Engine Land
Although we love to brag...

we respect the privacy of our customers. Contact us to learn more about our Reputation Management program & case studies.

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