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Social Media Tips for Traveling Internationally

​Whether you are going away for the short term or the long term, these tips will help you stay connected, safe, and smart.

Whether you are going away for the short term or the long term, these tips will help you stay connected, safe, and smart.

1. Don’t say you will be leaving if your house is being left alone.

This one should come first. If you are going on a short term vacation and leaving your house alone, DON’T SAY IT ONLINE. If you have to share, send pictures with friends by email, (asking them not to post it), and put all your pictures online after you are back in the country, unless you want to some home to a cleaned out living room.

2. Skype and Facebook are cheaper than an international cell phone.

Facebook messaging is a great tool for Americans abroad. If you are doing a semester or meeting a lot of abroad it is a great way to keep in contact with friends from the school and people you meet. A cell phone is a smart idea in case of an emergency, but the many plans will charge you by the minute or per text and should be used sparingly. Using social media is a free way to make plans and check up on friends. Social media agencies help connect people all over the world. If you are the type of person who does not use Facebook messaging a lot, you will be soon.

3. Bookmark and take screen shots of maps when walking around the city.

It’s best to try and memorize where you have to go, taking a quick glance at your phone is less conspicuous and easier than walking around with a map, but at the same time…

4. Don’t let technology make you vulnerable to thieves

When checking directions on your phone just take a quick glance, keep the rest of your technology hidden, beware of others, and look like you know where you are going. Bag-snatchers target tourists and try to get them when they distracted. Use common sense.

While I was marveling at the Arc Du Triumph, a pickpocket was marveling at my backpack. Fortunately, my wallet and phone were in my front pockets and all my other valuable were at the bottom of the inner compartment (where the zippers were tucked in on the side) under a sweater. All he got away with was a water bottle. I was sick, enjoy your cold, jerk!

5. Take Advantage of language apps.

There are a variety of free and paid apps that can teach a language or just give you some simple phrases to memorize. Yes a lot of people, especially in large, European cities speak English, but it’s polite. So learn please, thank you, I’ll have a coffee, I’m sorry and excuse me; these are magic words to translate. Odds are, most will hear your accent and respond in English, but you are in their city and it’s rude to assume they will speak your language. You really will be amazed at the difference of how people treat you.

6. Keep in mind some phrases do not translate.

On Thanksgiving, one of my roommates commented she had a food baby, prompting a non-American guest to ask, “I didn’t know she was pregnant, when is she due?” Remember when you make these types of posts when you get back home to. Some new friends may be a little confused when you say “I made a killing”or “We pulled an all-nighter.”

7. Put the phone down and enjoy yourself.

Do not be one of those tourists looking though a smartphones all the time. Look around, talk to people have fun, there will be plenty of time for posting when you’re delayed in the airport.

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